Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obssesed Much?

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning at the start of a long weekend.  If I don't sit down and write you a blog post now, chances are it won't happen.

I'm still loving my spinning wheel and in the past week some online fiber purchases made it to my door. I know you want to see them. 

Clockwise from top left: Fleece Artist BFL, Spirit Trail Fiberworks SW BFL, Spirit Trail Fiberworks Targhee, Cupcake Fiber Company SW BFL with nylon and Fat Cat Knits Symphony project bag. There's still two more missing from that lineup and they are a mohair-wool blend from Spinning Moon farm.

My current goal is to spin up some nice sock yarn. Hence the superwash, the nylon and the mohair blend fibers. I finished up my first three-ply, which might make a good sock yarn because it's over-plied:
 Certainly it would make a warm, dense hat which is what I believe it's final incarnation will be.

Anyway, before all this fiber bounty jammed up the front door so that Jim could barely get in the house, I needed something else to spin, so I started in on some Louet Northern Lights. This is the same fiber that I made my mom's chunky yarn from. It spins very easily and I know it's got some bounce.  I divided my fiber into six equalish parts and I'm spinning it fine with lots of twist. This is bobbin two, half done:
I'm excited to ply it to see how the colors come together and what the three ply looks like. 

As for knitting projects, well, there was a pair of socks a while back, worked up in my own hand-dyed yarn:
Love em! It's about time I had some nice long socks.

I also knit my wheel a tool holder:

Isn't it cute?  The yarn is fiber from the Hopeful Shetlands, spindle spun before I got my wheel.  I decided to leave it all fuzzy, fresh from the felting. I think it suits my wheel.

Now the only problem I have is how to reconcile all the spinning I want to do against the desire to knit it up and not increase the stash. Good thing it's a long weekend. I think I'll spend it playing with fiber.


  1. Nice fiber stash enhancement! I love your socks!
    The felted bag is cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your socks are great. One thing I notice about spinners - you included - is that you all seem to have much more fibre knowledge than artisans who knit only. I'm very impressed with your efforts so far. You must be happy too.

  3. Great selection -- that ought to keep you busy for a while. :-)

  4. Oh I do love that fibre! You look like you're gonna sit and spin all weekend :-)

  5. That's some luscious fluff! Nice design on the socks too.

  6. You're going to love the targhee!!! Nice beginning stash (it gets a lot larger...) !

  7. Wow - I knew that was Fleece Artist even before I took a closer look. She's got a real style with colour eh? Looks like you've got lots of fun lined up.