Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Praise and Thanks

Tonight our local knitting club got together and we held a swap. I'd cleaned out my closets of my guilt yarns: things I'd bought on sale, but didn't enjoy knitting, or leftovers of yarns I'd loved while knitting, but had no desire to come back to. Only a few people brought yarn and the group is quite large, so my yarns sold quite well and I only brought a few things back home with me.

Looking over my yarn closet now, I love everything I see (the things I just like, but don't love, are stored out of sight). I'm looking forward to the time when I can knit with these yarns. And the money I earned went straight into my yarn tin which has grown to a respectable sum while I wasn't watching. So I know that I can buy the yarn for just about anything I can dream up. Or have a mad spree if I want.

Plus, I received a sweet present in the mail.

This is my prize yarn from Maia and it's just a bright ray of sunshine in these grey days. So soft and cushy, I'm thinking it wants to be a hat or a baby sweater.

I feel very privileged tonight. Very, very fortunate. I'm not a religious woman, but I do pray sometimes, mostly to give thanks, and right now my soul is giving a big thanks. Not just for yarn, but also for a kind husband, healthy children, and a safe neighborhood. I'm privileged to hear birdsong in the morning, and to appreciate the bare trees against a cloudy windswept sky. I've been gifted with a strong spirit and friends helping me to overcome adversity.

Thank you world. It's good to be alive. I'll do my best to pay it forward.


  1. I love the Maia yarn - gorgeous spring colours. For socks?


  2. I was just about to write something about that wonderful feeling of releasing loser yarns and being left with a stash full of winners...

    but then I finished your post and just want to say Halleliuah!

    My daughter and I have been doing "gratitude prayers" every night before bed, and it has been wonderful to know what she is thankful for, and to remind myself how wonderful life is.

  3. I agree. We should all take a moment to be grateful for where we are, and those around us. You are very good and consistent about doing that. I'm sure you pay it forward all the time. The yarn you received is beautiful - definitely spun sunshine! Can't wait to see the hat/sweater.

  4. i'm so happy that you're happy; getting that load of guilt yarn out the door did you a LOT of good! the new yarn is juicy-looking.

  5. I live in London as well. I have only been able to find the knit club at London Yarns, but Janet was forced to cancel it for a while as it is not feasible to be open on a weekday evening. My friends and I would to join another evening knit club since we all work during the day. Can you help us? Please?