Friday, April 06, 2007

A Short Trip to Crazy Town

Have you ever had to laugh at yourself? I mean, has your own behavior confounded and perplexed you? Cause that's where I've been so far this weekend, in crazy town.

I'm at a spot in my knitting where I'm thinking of my next project and I've been traveling a merry-go-round of indecision. It goes like this:
  • I'd like to knit some red lace
  • But I was planning on doing some small projects next
  • But all the yarn for small projects is dark colors or blue and I want something bright
  • Well there's colorful sock yarn
  • But I don't want to knit with small needles and besides I have two socks on the go
  • Okay so knit some red lace
  • But that would be a big project and I want to do a small project
And so it goes. Nuts eh? This is why you need to have a big stash. I have a closet full of yarn and nothing to knit. What a crime.

I've completed the finishing work on the Alice Starmore Oregon Vest and you know, there was a lot of finishing to be done to that vest. It's lovely I'm sure, but all I see right now are all the tiny little mistakes I've made.

I was told by many people that the Alice Starmore kits are often short of yarn, but I had no problems. I'm thinking that this looks like a wonderful store of yarn for mittens and tams. Or it looks like Easter Eggs.

Wouldn't that be fun? An egg hunt where it was balls of yarn hidden about instead? Can you image all the knitters lined up with their Lantern Moon baskets scouring the bushes for balls and skeins of yarn? Oh yes! Sign me up! Wait, I just thought of the scuffle that could occur when two knitters found a skein of cashmere at the same time. And do you think that we would poach each other's baskets like the kids do on AFV?

Warning: Abrupt change of topic.

This is how far one ball of Sheepjes goes when knitting Clessidra.

It seems like I'm only going to need three balls of yarn to finish these up. I've actually completed one of these socks. That's what I've been working on this past week and I'm throughly tired of this shade of blue since it was also predominate in the Oregon Vest. My hands are also getting tired of sock needles.

Oh look. I've circled back to the beginning of the loop. What am I going to knit? Red lace, red lace. Ecalder. Nope, it doesn't work the way red rum does. Red hat? Tahder. Red sock? Kcosder? That's worse.

Time to wrap this post up. I think that's enough of a peek into my crazy head for one night. I seems I've got to knit some red lace. Only.... What pattern?

Help! I going to spiral off into another loop. And do you know how I know? It's because I've been through the pattern books, and I can't find the right shawl to knit. I think that's why I haven't knit red lace yet. Oh bother.


  1. STOP the insanity!! Put down the needles, Laurie. Look at my eyes. Stay with me now. Knit me something good. Just make the decision to knit something for Hope. LOL. I am just kidding.

  2. okay I don't know why my name shorted out like that.

  3. Ha! I know EXACTLY what you mean... I'm always getting stuck in these loops.

  4. If you knit a red lace thong, it wouldn't take long at all.

    (runs and ducks)

  5. Hmph. I was going to say it would take a while to knit a lace thong, due to the size of my butt, but then I remembered the construction of a thong.

    Yeah, you'd BETTER run!

  6. That bit about looking in the pattern books and still not finding the right shawl to knit? Same here lately. Might just indulge myself with a design-as-I-knit shawl, my favorite kind. Or, the usual compromise, which is to set aside the yarn I really want to knit and pick up something for someone else and do the pattern they've chosen while day-dreaming about The Other Skein...

  7. Thanks for visiting me - I had tried to move the photo and all I did was widen it!!
    I am planning to knit the Clessidra socks too.
    Let us see your red lace, 'cause you know now that you need to get that out of our system! Funny how we get something in our minds and we just cannot let it go!

  8. Have you been to the HeartStrings FiberArts website recently? They've got some pretty lace patterns, and some are scarf-sized, so it could be a small-ish (red) lace project.

    Check it out:

  9. I hate moments like this. Being between knitting projects and being between books can throw me into a tizzy. My best advice is to swatch and play until something shakes loose.

  10. It sounds like your Inner Child was having a tantrum day. You do know that at Easter your Inner Child gets to do exactly as she wants for the ENTIRE weekend, whether it's practical and useful or entirely ridiculous?

    So hurry up, you've already short-changed her by a day...

  11. I've been wandering around my house for two days now, trying to decide what next to knit... this whole yarn diet thing may not be working out for me =) Maybe I should ask for an invitation to the yarn egg hunt...

  12. Sign me up too for the yarn/egg hunt. And if a red lace keeps coming back to you - then you need to get it started.