Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Discovery

We had a snow storm in the merry old town of London, Ontario!  So what better thing to do, besides knit, than to decorate the house?

So gaudy, and yet so effective at chasing back the gloom and chill of winter snow and wind.

I was working on a pair of stranded socks for my dad, when I accidentally switched which hand held which color.  You've heard of Yarn Dominance?  For some knitters, it can make a dramatic difference which hand the yarn is held in when working a stranded pattern.  I always thought it didn't affect me, but look at this:

You can clearly see how several rows are more predominately black.  I flipped when I saw that!  Then I took a look at the public side of the work:

Oh.  Yes.  Well I guess it doesn't affect me all that much after all.


  1. Hey, we put our tree up this weekend too. Love it!

    After learning about color dominance the hard way with a Philosopher's Wool sweater a few years ago, I keep the "lift to the left" phrase in my head when doing colorwork, as a reminder that the color I want in the foreground should be in the left hand. Thank goodness it didn't make any diff. in your dad's socks, which are beautiful!

  2. Those are beautiful socks. That pattern looks familiar too. I luv colourwork knitting (it's my favourite).I always keep my MC in my right hand.

  3. OK. I admit to being easily confused, but are you saying that all that colourwork will be on the INSIDE of the sock? Man, that's love.

  4. Your decorations are beautiful, not gaudy. Love them!

    So is your sock. I had not heard of the color dominance thing. Very interesting.