Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second Wave

We survived the first wave of Snowmaggedon.  It was very strange to hear people telling me "Oh, I heard about London in the news."  Now a second wave of winter weather is heading our way, with up to 25 cm of snow expected every 12 hours.  Yikes!

A lot of people asked me if I got more knitting done, since I was snowed in.  Well, no... because I'm a telecommuter now I don`t really get snow days. However, I have found some time to knit.  I've been as busy as an elf, finishing up a whole slew of Christmas gifts.  After I finished the obligatory socks, I decided to stash dive for odd balls and knit them up.  It's been fun! I see them as bonus gifts.  I knit what I like and if it happens to end up in a pretty gift for someone then good.  I can't stand the pressure and guilt of traditional Christmas knitting.  That sounds odd, but you know what I mean, right?

So, in no particular order, here is the second wave of holiday knits.  I guess you could say I've been knitting up a storm.  (Oh groan!  Bad pun, I should be ashamed.) And all links are to Ravelry for details like yarn and needles.

Dad's Christmas Socks

I love that detail on the bottom of the foot.

Brother-in-law Stand up Comic socks

Tudora Ruff (niece)

 Estonian Lace Scarf

This is just a little scarffette, based on a shawl pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitting Estonian lace.  I had just one skien of an bamboo, merino and alpaca blend (from an alpaca named Cheri, so you know it's for someone special).  I can hardly wait till it finishes blocking to see the softness and drape of it.

I knit one edging, put it on a holder, then knit the other edging and continued into the middle lace until I ran out of yarn.  It worked beautifully and I think with a pin to keep it closed, this will be a cuddly accessory for my mother-in-law.  I hope she doesn't mind that I didn't make her socks this year.  I was feeling all socked out. 

How's your Christmas knitting coming? Right now, I feel a hat coming on...


  1. The lace scarf is lovely! I'm am not doing any Christmas knitting this year. I knit everything last year because I was laid off and had the time.

  2. That is a lot of Christmas knitting! So far I have managed just one pair of basic socks in terms of Christmas knits. The socks for your dad are amazing!

  3. Those dad socks are great! Love the motif on the foot!

  4. What gorgeous are so talented with the colour knitting!!
    I made that same Estonian pattern in a shawl with my white handspun alpaca/cashmere/silk blend. I hope to knit the entire book someday :-)

  5. Dad's socks are the most gorgeous socks ever!

  6. I too love Dad's socks! But I also love the shawlette. I was out shovelling again today! I figure we got about 6ins here. And the wind is howling outdoors - bet that brings a squawl or two!

  7. Please send me some snow!

    I so love the Stephanie van der Linden socks - I'm going to have to make myself a pair soon.

  8. Dad's socks are knockouts. I'm not doing any xmas knitting this yr, but the sweater I'm working on for myself is moving along nicely. Finished the back last night, so all that's left is 2 sleeves and fronts from armholes up. Yay!

  9. My Christmas knitting is imaginary but yours is wonderful! I love your Dad's socks, those are stupendous.

  10. Great Christmas socks. You have been really, really busy! Everyone is sure to love their gifts!

  11. Every project is beautiful!!! Glad you are surviving Snowmageddon. Here in Ohio, we're getting the cold, snowy weather that usually doesn't hit till late January/early February. After last year, I'd hate to think what that means. Eek. LOL!

  12. Dad's socks are amazing!