Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've just gotten in from a walk around my neighbourhood. It is just after nine, and the street lamps are on. They cast a pinkish-yellow light and are most beautiful when surrounded by the mysterious green shade of a large leafed maple tree.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty where I live. On my walk I can enjoy the pleasures of a manicured garden fit to grace the pages of a magazine, or I can just as easily tramp through naturalized meadows and forest.

I know that we must have darkness to see the light. I know that there must be death so that new life can grow. But who I am right now, where I am in my journey, is a person who is reveling in the light, and beauty. To that end I try to make my home a warm and welcoming place. It's not terribly stylish, but I hope that the love and happiness of our busy family is apparent even through the cobwebs in the corners and the dirty finger prints on the door.

And I hope that you, dear reader, know that I greatly appreciate the warm and welcoming way you have greeted me and my blog on the internet. You've told me I'm beautiful and I love to hear it. I know that just like my home, I am less than perfect, and not terribly stylish, but apparently you have all been able to see me for who I am.

Thank you and blessings to every one of you.


  1. Wow, Laurie, that was really deep.

  2. Laurie, even before my morning cup of tea, I am moved to tears. In some ways I think this is how we all feel and how we all hope we are seen by our "cyber-sisters". You've certainly expressed my sentiments - far more eloquently than I could, especially given the lack of warm beverage. Thank you for you gift of words and feelings today. And blessings right back to you.

  3. {{{{{Hugs}}}}}}

    It's wonderful to be so in the moment.

  4. I loved this blog entry. I think that by reading each other's thoughts, we get to the core person so much more quickly. I've made friends through the 'net (you) and gotten to know their personal feelings on things more quickly than a mom I've been running into and chatting with more months. Very nice community of knitters we've got here =)

  5. Home is where the love is. :) Great post!

  6. I see you are realizing that you are "who you are meant to be."

    I've had moments like this one since I was young ... when I take a deep breath, look around me, and say to myself, "this is a moment in time I will always, always remember." And just soak up the feeling.

    You give me goose bumps.

  7. www.knittingnutter.com6:46 pm

    Good for you for taking a moment to "smell the roses". Keep writing.