Thursday, May 24, 2007

Urban Jungle

One of the things I love about our home is how close to nature we are. Not only am I walking distance from forest paths, we have many trees in the neighbourhood that shelter all sorts of wildlife. It gets a little crazy actually.

Our neighbour, for example, has ducks in her pool. She hasn't opened it yet, so I guess they aren't actually in the pool. But they seem to enjoy the 2 feet of water in her pool cover. Sitting in my back yarn knitting, I'll hear Donald Duck quacking, followed shortly by heavy flapping as the duck flies over head. Thankfully, he hasn't bombed me as he files by.

The squirrels are a little nuts too. They've been digging up my plants. I put in a nice little greenhouse plant, and Mrs. Squirrel thinks that I've hidden some tasty tid-bit for her too. So she digs up my plant. The other day I found my basil resting neatly on a rock in the garden. A victim for sacrifice, or apologetic peace offering, I don't know.

Perhaps I'm a little too nice, because even with all the lovely trees, such as locusts, maple, pine and oak, the birds are using my house for nesting. Here's the wall next to my front door.

Every time I step in and out of my house I'm treated to the most darling little chirps and tweets. Can't see where it's coming from?

I almost felt bad gardening over the long weekend because we were keeping mama bird from her nest.

We had a little damage over the winter that we didn't get around to fixing yet. One of the light fixtures lost its lid. No worries though, our helpful wild life fixed the problem.

It was pretty hot in London Ontario today. I hope the little guys are doing okay. I took the risk of standing on a chair and angling my camera over the nest and found four fat robin squabs.

Needless to say we do NOT turn on that light.


  1. holy crap! so what's in the other nest?! Sadly my brood didn't make it. I checked them over the weekend and they were abandoned - if I had checked them sooner maybe I could have saved them : (

  2. Awwww, baby chicks! How sweet! You gotta love spring. =)

  3. You have the jungle, I have the swamp. I get woken up by not only birds, but it seems we have loudest tree frogs ever, not to speak of the dear, armadillos, toads and the occasional snake. Yuck.

  4. What makes a good nesting spot - only the birds know!
    I chuckled about not turning on the light, when we lived in Summerside, PEI, the Snowy Owls would come down for the winter and they would sit on the runway lights to keep warm. Also, in Yellowknife, apparently the crows/ravens know that if they sit on the street light and cover the light detector, the lights come on, 'cause now its dark' and the crows/ravens have warm bottoms! I think birds are more clever than we think! We have already had a family of chickadees fly and probably will have another brood this summer, but they did move into the house we provided!!

  5. DD says she can hear quite a bit of nest-building in the trees near her window. We're also hoping Mama Lizard will soon have a tribe. No mourning doves nesting in the oak this year, though. --Syl

  6. aww! you are so lucky to see the little birds. we had vicious squirrels. no, really they are . . .

  7. I love baby birds!! They're so cute! I can't wait to start getting out. I was on antibiotics that didn't allow me to be in sunlight. Last year, I was on the same, but thought it couldn't be that bad, and was covered in hives for my mistake! LOL. I love older neighbourhoods with lots of life. It's wonderful! TFS!