Saturday, May 26, 2007


Jim and I got tickets to see Canada play against Finland in the World League Volleyball games being held this weekend at the John Labatt Centre. We had a great time! The game was fast and full of action. Sadly, Canada lost, but it was a close game. Yes, I was knitting in the stands, but sorry, no pictures.

After the game we wandered into a used book store and I made a different score:

That's Alice Starmore's Celtic Needlepoint in mint condition for $9. Score! I also got myself some other lovely little treats this weekend, such as the mortar and pestle you see in the upper left corner of the picture above. I've wanted that particular item for a while. The way the wood is stained in different colors really appeals to me.

This morning we made a special trip to get a green man:

I love the full lips and shifty eyes on this guy. Traditionally, he should have the leaves coming from his mouth, but this incarnation looks a little more benevolent.

Another score is that over night more flowers have popped into bloom. These irises decorate my front step:

I don't know what these are though. Can anyone tell me?

I have them in both white and red, which hasn't bloomed yet. They have a honeycomb look from the top view, and spiky bits coming out the bottom that give them a fiercely beautiful appearance.

I may be scoring some new threads soon since I've been knitting up a storm on the pink top and I hope to see it finished this weekend. Bear with me a bit, this blog will return to knitting content shortly.

I hope you are all having an excellent weekend. Go sniff a flower for me, okay?


  1. The white flowers are Columbines.

    Isn't it great that the flowers are finally coming out? :-)

  2. I agree with ewe-niss, they look like columbines to me. I'm more familiar with the purple ones that decorate a lot of older flower gardens in Newfoundland. But the shape is definitely right.

    I hope you continue to enjoy a sun-shiny weekend in London.

  3. Wow, you did make some great scores! And I didn't know what the flowers were, but they sure are beautiful!

  4. Michelle8:00 pm

    columbines were my guess too :)

  5. Hi, Laurie,

    Catherine S. from Knitters' Guild.
    Yes, those are columbine. They sometimes come in yellow and purple too and can be found, in smaller version growing wild.

    Will seriously start my toe-up socks soon.

    Happy knitting.

  6. And why not in french (I'm french !) ?
    The name is Ancolie !
    Amitiés §

  7. You've got Columbines. They come in lots of colors and multiple colors. I have purple ones with white inner cups, burgundy with white, pale pink, lilac and solid purple in my garden. They are also known as Aquilegia and in a healthy garden freely self seed all over the place.

  8. Yes it did wulnd like an Excellent weekend . Congrats on the grat finds!