Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blooming Wonders

I came home from work last night to find that my bridal wreath bush had burst into bloom.

I love this old fashioned shrub for its quaint white blooms and the fact that it looks most beautiful when left to go a bit wild. Jim and I prefer our garden in a slightly wild state.

We inherited a lot of perennials when we moved, most of which I don't even know what they are or what they are called. I think this one is a white bleeding heart.

Here's one I don't know, but it's quite lovely.

This is the back garden we managed to put together this weekend, containing tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, basil and some flowers, including marigolds because I understand they keep pests away.
My tulips are almost done, but these spectacular fellows are holding on.

I wouldn't want a whole bed of these, but as a show piece, they are very impressive.


  1. My bridal wreath just started bursting with flowers yesterday also. I like 'em wild & flowing but It's taken a bit to convince the DH. Same with the butterfly bush. He finally stopped pruning it for me. Yes, yes those are white bleeding hearts. Oooo, so pretty in white too. I'm going to miss the tulips. They're on their way out here also. But I'm looking forward to the others that will replace them. I love my flowers!

  2. Bridal wreath - just beautiful! You are lucky with the white bleeding heart - I have a hard time keeping it in my garden - the pink is easier for me. I have tulips like yours and I agree - one clump is about enough, but they last a long time and look terrific cut with a large hosta leaf as a background.
    Don't you just love the colour of the fresh greens in the spring?

  3. BJGVET1:03 pm

    Hard to tell from your photo for certain, but I believe that the purple/blue flower is Jacob's Ladder...very beautiful. I would need a better look at the greens to be sure. I really enjoy your blog. Usually just a lurker.


  4. I just enjoy your blog, no matter if you are talking about leaky breaks, flowers or knitting. It's always a pleasure to read.

  5. Lovely photos! Thank you! Your garden is bee-utiful.

  6. I love the bridal bush and the bleeding heart. I have the exact same tulips in my garden, and they are hanging in too. In fact, I have some that haven't bloomed yet, but are buds. Gorgeous garden, Laurie!

  7. I didn;t know that was called a bridal wreath bush.... how neat!

    your white bleeding hearts are nice! we have the pink type. one scraggly bush all by itself...LOL. I am not good at flowers...

    Nice tulips!

  8. www.knittingnutter.com6:12 pm

    You have a lovely garden!

  9. yes please, better picture of the greens. I'm not so sure about the Jacob's ladder though, it's too early for it to bloom yet.