Saturday, May 05, 2007

Do What you Want Weekend!

Yippee! It's Saturday and we're having a Do What you Want Weekend. The previous two weekends were filled with obligations and chores, so this weekend, you guessed it, we're doing what we want.

So far, I'm just having too much fun saying "do what you want!"

This is the type of weather we're having:

Pretty eh? I think I want to take a walk, and knit outside, and maybe do some gardening. Or maybe I'll just goof off and do stupid stuff. Whatever I WANT!

I finished up the body of Ford:

I'm pleased with the curve on the neck. The Lopi wool is pretty scratchy so rather than knit the neck band double and sew it down on the inside, I knit it to the length I want and did a sewn tubular bind-off. I'm satisfied with it. It looks ripply in the picture, but I'm confident that it will smooth out in the wash and wear.

Just look at the hairiness of the Lopi. I won't be working on this sweater too much longer. Even though a sleeve doesn't fill your lap the way a sweater does, the yarn will feel unbearable between my fingers in warm weather.

Warm weather! Wee! Do what you want! Awesome! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hooray for the W words!


  1. I guess I would just sit and stare at that gorgeous sweater all weekend! Damn - that is pretty!!

  2. Lovely sweater! (Is the neck hole big enough? It looks really small in that photo.)

  3. Ford looks great! Have a fun weekend, doing Whatever You Want! =)

  4. Talking about warm weather. I guess I won't have fun knitting the sweater in 90 degree weather? I'm still waiting on my yarn, but then I'll be off trying to catch up (sometime this year) since you are taking a break. Good for me.

  5. wow, you got far on Ford; i bet you can finish those sleeves up before the really warm weather hits!

  6. There is nothing better than the Do What You Want weekend.

    I'm indulging myself by starting that Round Trip dolman-sleeved jacket in Noro from the Knitter's of Fall 2003 - I think you made that a little while back? Any horror stories I should know?

    Have a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!