Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night Knits go BAD

Ah Friday night! Time for some relaxing knitting as a reward for a week's work. But my knits have turned on me. They've gone baaaaaad.

Father's glove had to be tinked back 2 rows first, but I finished up the palm. Then the numbers wouldn't match up at the fingers so I tossed it aside and picked up Jim's Urban Aran. I finished the back, whoo hoo! Ah, but I can't find the smaller sized needles to cast on for the fronts. Screw it, I've got other projects. Vintage Paton's sock is too streachy, I don't know if I should rip or not, so I'll just ignore it for a couple more days. Oh, there's a hat that needs a crown, but I have to hunt up the right sized DPNs and can't be bothered just now. I only want to knit! Girls just wanna have fun knitting! Dang, here's a plain sock, I'll work on that.

So I sit, knitting endless rounds of stockinette, dreaming of lace, and planning my Saturday morning attack on all these knit projects gone bad. I hope your Friday night was a good kind of bad.


  1. Maybe it's in the air (and can travel across the ocean) because I'm having problems with my knitting too.

  2. I can't find my number 6 circs.... something is afoot.

  3. Welcome to my world. Knits are being so bad lately, I'm thinking of doing a contest for the worst behaved.