Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sock News in London Ontario

Tonight a gang of London knitters on Raverly had a meet up. It was great to meet so many talented local knitters.

Aren't they a great lookin' bunch? And see all those socks?

Hi Knitty-Kat! Shes the one with the big smile looking straight at the camera. Doesn't she have beautifully curly hair? I wish my hair would do curls like that instead of my on-again, off-again curls. Kat has curls that let you know they mean business!

Nadine of Balkan Style brought her first ever sock.

It's a rockin' good sock. And here we have me blogging Elan, blogging the first sock.

You've got to check out what Elan knits. Holy Moses. She's got creative bones, this lady. Her knits are currently being displayed in the Landon Library. I have good intentions to get me down there this weekend to check it out. The funniest story, which I take as a great compliment, is that when I entered my fish mittens into the Western Fair last year a lot of Elan's friends thought it was her design.

In other sock news, I've finished up one pair of traveling socks. This pair go into the Christmas gift pile for my brother-in-law Richard.

I loved working with this Trekking XXL colorway at this time of year. The yarn glows with the autumnal palette. Then I started another pair.

These are from a vintage Paton's book. I haven't decided to whom they will go to, but they are definitely a man's Christmas present. Actually, I'm worried they might be too loose.

I'm in no danger of knitting through the sock yarn stash though. Look what I won in CC's blog contest. It's a beautifully shiny and soft merino/tencel blend. Thanks CC!


  1. I'm just not sure my jealousy at being together with so many cool people shows up in black & white!!

  2. hahaha! Curly hair that means business. If I could lend you curl I would.

    Awesome post lady - it was a great night!!

  3. Love that vintage Patons pattern...

  4. Ooh, you got some great photos! (Even more great because I managed to keep my face out of all of them....since I was suffering from the tale end of a nasty cold, I think this is a good thing!)

    Can't wait until we can do it again. :-)

  5. the traveling socks have really attractive colors . . .sooo warm and fun without being too bright!