Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well Rested

We had beautiful weather this weekend. I took Dexter for a walk through the woods on Sunday and the forest floor was carpeted with leaves. He bounded through them with a grin on his face and his tongue hanging out. We stopped at my special rock and I laid back to enjoy the bluest sky I've ever seen overlaid by a gold and orange maple. The quality of the light this fall has been ethereal and the colors luminous. It feels like winter will never come.

We still have flowers in the backyard and this Monarch butterfly stopped for a sip of nectar, likely on its migratory trip south. Apparently, they are a little late this year.

I took advantage of the glorious light to give you a better picture of the Noro scarf. I know the colors could be dodgey for some guys, but my brother Gary is an artist and an independent thinker, so I'm hoping he will appreciate the colors.


  1. I don't think that is a monarch. It looks like one, but the tilt of the wings, the pattern - I'm not sure?!

    Nice scarf!

  2. Its a beautiful scarf. And it would certainly go well with the colours your bro is sporting in the link.

  3. Wow, the Noro scarf looks great! My husband likes dodgy colors, so I'm the conservative one =) And I think it's very beautiful.

  4. That's not a monarch. It might be an American (painted) lady butterfly.

  5. Beautiful photos We're having similar weather here. I like the colours of the scarf, I think they're pretty gender neutral . Hey, even guys should wear a bit of colour some time ! I'm sure your brother will love it .