Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Latest Thing in Sock Yarn

I just found something I'd never heard of before. Flat Feet sock yarn (scroll down for pictures). Essentially, it's sock yarn knit up on a machine, and then hand painted. I've heard of this concept before. I just think it's really clever that someone thought to market it.

But I don't think I'd enjoy knitting it straight from the flat as is recommended. It's hard to keep even tension with crinkly yarn.


  1. i'm with you, i think i'd have to wash it first.

  2. It's not as hard to knit with as you might think - but it does remind one of knitting with Ramen noodles. I'd be more interested in hand dyeing the flat piece!

  3. Wool2DyeFor (Ravelry) does something similar - she knits long tubes of undyed yarn on the sock machine, then paints it for unraveling and re-knitting.

    I suppose one could also simply knit the sock in undyed yarn and then paint the sock!

  4. My two cents worth...
    I test knit this yarn just today. Others did have trouble with the waveyness of the yarn; I knit tensioning my yarn with my little finger which pulls the yarn straight before it ever gets to my needle so it wasn't a problem for me. It still was difficult to do a long-tail cast with this unraveled yarn.

    Knits up very nicely with an attractive pattern.

  5. I've got some flat feet at home, I haven't started yet. Keep forgetting about it. Very lovely colors.