Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mystery Revealed

The Mystic Light KAL was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the mystery, the pattern, the yarn and the finished product.

Pattern: Mystic Light KAL
Yarn: Fleece Artist Blue Face 2/8
Needes: 4mm

This shawl will be a Mother's Day gift to my grandmother. It's a bit small on me, so it should be just the right size for her.


  1. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Your grandmother is one a very lucky woman.

    Blue face? Looks pinkish red to me. :-)

  2. Wow, that's lovely. I hope Grandma loves it.

  3. What a pretty shawl! The color really makes it especially cheerful, too. Lucky Grandmother. --Syl

  4. Wow, Laurie, you are knitting so fast, you're like a dynamo lately! Your shawl is very pretty. I like the different designs.

    Thank you for the Knitty advice on my beading dilemma. I appreciate it!

  5. I'm only on row 159 ... it took 45 minutes to do this morning. Well, maybe by this next weekend I'll be blocking. Your's came out so lovely! Funny how it looks bigger in the pictures before you put it on. Maybe mine will be a little bigger. I haven't been able to measure it since clue 3. Take a picture of your grandmother when you give it to her okay? Bet she'll love it!

  6. Yikes! Watch out for wolves on the way to Grandma's house ;o)