Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Preparations

I'm very tired and very pleased since I've had a very productive day. I finished shopping for my kids today, I baked four batches of cookies, and I finished a scarf.

The scarf is a Christmas present for my eldest son Luke. Do you remember my cabled-bordered Fleece Artist jacket? Well, the other day I caught him wrapping it around his neck, while gushing "soft!" So I had the idea to make him this scarf.

I'm not being entirely altruistic, since I'd rather he not mistreat my sweater like that. But I do hope he likes it.

So how are you're Christmas preparations coming along?


  1. What a beautiful scarf -- I love those colours.

  2. Anything made with Fleece Artist would be wonderful! I am ready!

  3. I'm hopelessly behind, thanks to sick kids and the gremlins at Dell. Hoping to get caught up this week.

    Your kid makes good hints. And you make nice scarves. I love the color.

  4. Lovely scarf! You have been busy. I'm plodding along on the preparations and am thinking what gets done, gets done. I'm trying not to stress.