Friday, December 22, 2006

Watch out!

Here it comes! The Christmas avalanche of activity!

I've booked the day off work but I'm not on vacation. Christmas preparations have me in their grip. I was awake at three in the morning, thinking about work of all things. I got up and made a good start at cleaning up my yarn room. I sorted the stash closet, ripped some experiments, and ripped some projects started but not loved well enough to continue. I also cast off this:

It was a mad experiment that out grew my ambition, but the intention was to knit Luke a blanket. I was hoping to put a deep reversible border all the way around, but I got mixed up in my pattern. I ripped what border there was and decided to cut my losses. So there I was, casting it off in the middle of the night. I was thinking that I could then either knit on a border, or make another square and sew them together, but Luke has declared that he likes it as is.

This is my own freaky design. I started with a circular cast on, and increased with two yarn overs, at all four corners, every other row. To make the blanket reversible, I used a Fibonacci series to determine how many rows of stockinette to knit, before switching it up. I guess I learned something.....

But back to Christmas. I've cleaned the oven, inside and out, and tidied up a bunch of little things. There are more errands and cleaning to be done today, so I'd better get to it.

Oh! And I felted my brother-in-law's clogs:
I wish I'd thought to do it sooner, because they need to dry and I still want to paint some non-skid soles onto them. I may have to do it while the slippers are damp. I'm going to place them in front of the furnace vent in hopes of getting some dry air on them.

Do you know, it's raining cats and dogs in London today? No snow for us this Christmas. I feel for the folks who are experiencing bad weather, with wind, snow and power outages. But I do wish we had a little snow here.


  1. Do you have a rack to put in your dryer? If you do, you could put the clogs on it and dry them in they dryer. I mean, they're already felted and everything. ;^)

    You've been busy. I'm impressed. I dreamed of knitting last night. So many books and not nearly enough time. *L*

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love those clogs! I was going to knit clogs for Christmas me own self, but the pattern looked really complex, and I just wasn't up to it. Good for you. The colors look great! Have a happy holiday, and remember to take some sit-down time for yourself.

  3. mary jane2:58 pm

    Yeah, I plan to clean up my sewing/yarn room too over the holidays. I figure it will take me 2 days - not 2 hours! You know, you never give yourself enough credit for trying new things. Not all of them work to what we have in our imaginations but that does not make them failures. If Luke likes it and will use it the way it is, then I think it was a success and as a bonus, you learned something along the way.