Saturday, December 09, 2006

Keeping Warm

I spent the better part of my snow day making this hat for my husband Jim. I know the colors aren't great, but it's for work, and these shades won't show the dirt so much. The yarn is Dale of Norway, Falk and it feels nice and soft for a hat. I did find the yarn a bit splitty, but sometimes that's the way it goes. I got the yarn on sale for half price, and it's super wash, so no complaining! The pattern is the Patterned Watch Cap from Hat's On! by Charlene Schurch.

I don't know why I hadn't knit Jim a work hat before. When I offered to knit him a hat for work out of real wool, he said don't bother, because hand-knit hats are never warm enough. I had a laugh at that one and told him not to worry, this hat will be warm.

I think all the snow has prompted me to update my family's woolly accessories. I've purchased Eunny's Anemoi Mittens and I want to knit them in blue or gray and white to go with my new hat. I have enough Falk in blue and white to make Jim another of Charlene's hats to wear for good. I'd also like to make Jim a set of blue and white patterned gloves too. I've also got two different socks on the needles, one for myself and one for Jim. I'm wearing through three different pairs of socks right now and I need replacements before those give out.

See why I'm not gift knitting? I have to outfit me and my loved ones first!

BTW - the kids don't count. They won't wear hand-knit hats or gloves. I'll be lucky to see them wear the socks I made them last month.


  1. Nice hat and I am sure he will find it warm enough. Love the mitten pattern. I know what you mean about kids wanting those little stretch gloves (3pr for $1.98)and that is okay! If they lose a pair of these, who cares. If they lose a pair of handknit beautiful mittens - unhappy knitter for sure!

  2. Anonymous8:42 pm

    nice job!

    I'm glad that most of my gift knitting is done. I want to knit some woolies for ME now!


  3. Hand-knitted hats aren't warm enough??? Good for you to prove him wrong. And with such a beautiful design, too! I may have mentioned it before, but I am constantly inspired to better knitting by your blog. And my kids will wear hats and mittens made by me, but no sweaters. Go figure!?

  4. I love those Anemoi mittens!

  5. Beautiful work on that hat! I'm not much for two-color knitting myself, but I admire the work of others.

  6. Me again!
    Don't ever feel bad about not doing what someone else does. You must remember that my children are grown and gone. I knit some for my children, but most knitting I do for myself. I have tried your email address in the margin, but it does not seem to work.

    Happy Knitting!

  7. My DD won't wear storebought -- she'll pick the things up, start telling me what's wrong with the fiber or the spinning or the knitting or the dyework... When she wants new mittens she either knits them herself or gives me a sketch and measurements and does my chores for a few days as payment. I don't think she's ever lost a handknit item.

    I like the subtle color contrast in Jim's hat. Classy. (Is it tacky to say "classy"? Oh well...) He's lucky to have you! --Syl