Thursday, January 18, 2007


Thanks for all the compliments on my Shetland Cardigan. I can tell it's going to be a wardrobe stable, it's light and just the right amount of warmth. But it's a bit of a let down, because now I've got nothing much going on.

I thought I wanted to work on some small projects next, but I don't. I want to make the Spiral Yoke Sweater from Handknitting with Meg Swansen. This would be for Jim using the Patons SWS. So last night I swatched, and washed and let it dry. Tonight I measured, and dumb luck! I got gauge, both row and stitch. Actually, I felt a twinge of disappointment because I was looking forward to doing the math required by Elizabeth's percentage system.

See, I have great admiration and respect for Elizabeth Zimmerman, but I have never knit anything that follows her system. I must add at least one of her architectural "unventions" to my knitting repertoire. I'm looking forward to learning the secrets of the masters that will be revealed into my hands through the process of constructing this garment. But alas, I can find no pictures of it on the web. It's not even on Zimmermania. I'm wondering if everyone else knows something about this pattern that I don't.

I have about 2 inches of ribbing to show for my evening and I can just tell you are all thrilled to hear it. Or is that the chirping of crickets I hear?


  1. Yay for Elizabeth Zimmerman! I haven't used any of her pattern guidelines yet, but I think about them all the time. If I can get around to casting on for the next sweater, which I'm really glad you're doing. =) I don't live through you or anything. Really.... lol

  2. EZ's math *is* fun. The surprise jacket is a good one.