Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pick up and Pick out

Pick Up
Yesterday I went back to the Farmer's market to pick up my new knitting bag from Diane. All week I was feeling how decadent it is to be able to ask an artist to make something to my specifications. I felt like a queen. Here it is:

The fabric is just too cool. The pattern art is tattoos, and the black stripes is a type of corduroy I've never seen before. Diane put extra effort into some neat striping details with green accent corduroy. The bag is also quilted and contains a full compliment of pockets on the inside:

There are a couple of skinny pockets suitable for needles or a crochet hook, and some larger pockets that would hold a sock! Thanks Diane, you did a great job!

Pick Out
As I've been working on my Shetland cardigan, my husband has been sitting on the couch next to me wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, wool socks (hand knit of course!) and curled under a polar fleece blanket. It would seem that he is cold. Last night he turned to me and complained "My nose is cold." and it was.

I've figured out that there's been a change here, because he didn't used to be this cold. The difference is that he used to wear an Alice Starmore design knit from Lavold silky-wool. He has worn this sweater almost every evening for about a year with the result that it now resembles a child's well loved blankey. In a valiant effort to save the sweater he has stopped wearing it. And now he is cold.

I have promised him that the next sweater I knit will be for him and this weekend I took him stash diving.

In the stash he got to choose from:
Which do you think he picked? What would you have picked?


  1. Very cool bag -- I like the patterned fabric as accent. I'm voting for the Aubergine Harrisville.

  2. I love the bag - nice to have something custom made by an artist!
    I would have picked the black cashmere, even if it only would make a vest.
    I cannot wear Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, but if your DH can, then he could wear any of the wools, so then I would choose the RED!!

  3. The bag is lovely! She did a wonderful job and I love the print.
    I would have picked the cashmere. Who needs sleeves when you are wearing cashmere?

  4. Love the bag. I would pick Jamieson and Smith Red...that's what my husband would choose and I have NO clue what auburgine is LOL.

  5. 1)Love your bag. Very cool. 2)Aubergine is eggplant. I watch far too much British TV.
    3)Cashmere for me, baby.

  6. Perfect bag!!!! I would choose Harrisville - I hope you tell us what he chose... though we will probably see it in your upcoming blogs.

  7. What a beautiful bag!

    I'd vote for the Blackwater Abbey in silver. That is some lovely wool.

  8. The Jamieson and Smith. Because it's Jamieson and Smith. And red.

  9. I'm guessing SWS, because of the denim colors. Isn't it supposed to be wonderfully soft too?

  10. I would say the Pattons SWS, knowing your DH. I think it would be a nice colour on him anyway, bring out the colour of the eyes!