Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wiggly Puppy Happy

Oh yes indeed! I'm pretty darned happy all right. My life is very nice, thank you very much, and I wish you all the same. Everyone needs to vent their frustrations now and again, and certainly some sympathy when things are not good is a welcome thing, but I think we also need to take time to celebrate and say thanks when life is good. So here's a big thank you to the universe and all of creation.

Dang, but my knitting is boring right now. I've got the body and one sleeve done on the Spiral-Yoked pullover and I'm into my second sleeve. The yoke on this sweater is like a cherry on top and I'm looking forward to getting at it this weekend. But in the mean time, sigh, more stockinette.

As I was whining about stockinette a bit last night, Jim looked over at me with deep blue eyes and said, "Thank you, love, for knitting me a lovely, warm sweater." Then he gave me a big smooch. "Not fair!" cried I, but I must admit that the needles moved along at a good clip after that.

I've been contemplating what's coming up next, since there's plenty of room for contemplation with this sweater. I was thinking of the Noro I have stashed away, and I was thinking of a shawl since I have plenty of Sheltand fingering to work with. Have you seen The Wry Punster's beautiful Irish Diamond Shawl? I've considered knitting that shawl before, but her pictures have bumped it onto the TODO list.

Anyway, all plans are abandoned, other than the most simple since I came into some cash and ordered an Oregon Vest (in the fall color way which is shown as a cardigan) from Virtual Yarns. I'm very excited. I'm wiggly puppy happy. Wheee! Thanks again universe!


  1. The shawl is beautiful, but the vest is WOW!

    I love to hear that people are happy. It brightens my day. I also love happy couples. You always speak of him in kind and loving ways. It is a good thing.

  2. Her shawl is stunning, isn't it? Thanks for the link. And I'm a wriggly puppy 'cuz I can't wait to watch you knit that vest. Whoo-hoo!

  3. Yah, I found a Canadian knitting blog. I found you through Don and read your entry. Forget being conservative, write what you want. That's what I do now, that's why I split my blog in two, one for ranting and one for knitting. Makes life easy and gives readers choice, nice blog by the way...ciao

  4. I just looked at your photo's, you have some beauiful fair ilse stuff. I tried some socks but they were disaester. I couldn't get them on past my ankle, no stretch...ciao:)

  5. That will be a beautiful vest! I'm all about thanking the universe for all the lucky goodness in my life, too. Good for you to remind us to do so! Happy Knitting!