Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Smorgasboard

Here's a finished object to show you:

I started these on December 24 and I take them with me to work on during spare moments. Not a bad accumulation of time spent waiting, eh? The yarn is Lorna's Laces, Purple Club, and the pattern is my own. Toe up, with a figure-eight cast on, and Charlene Schurch's flap heel.

I'll likely start another plain pair using some funky yarn. I like to have something dead simple to knit on when I'm talking, waiting for an appointment, or driving. No really, don't you hate it when you are stuck in traffic with nothing to do? I can totally brake and knit.

The Spiral Yoke Sweater has come together:

Bad pun; I know, there are no good puns. I like the look of the spiral design, but I'm finding it difficult to knit at this point. There are a lot of stitches on the needles. I've got about another 5 rows to go before I start decreasing. Then it will feel like running down a hill where your arms are flapping and you know you'd better not stop or you will fall..... Hmm... makes me think of green grass and soft warm winds, and laughter.

There's some interesting short row shaping in this sweater. First, there was one set of short rows right between the bottom and the armholes and second, there are 3 sets of short rows right before the yoke starts. You may notice it as a wedge just above the arm hole in the picture. The first set is to ward off "the dreaded riding up syndrome" (Meg's words). The second set is to raise the neck at the back. I'm very curious to see how this changes the fit. Jim is an easy person to knit for since he's very rectangular and not too big.

Yesterday I was at London Yarns and Machines to pick up my Fiber Fish who had been acting as store samples. It was nice to see my mittens again (I gave them a kiss. Shh, don't tell.) Janet has some new sock yarn that had to come home with me. It's called St. Ives. The rich, heathered colors attracted me in the first place, but I'm also very impressed with how it knits up.

The brown will be socks for Jim, and the green are to be some leaf lace socks for me.

Friday I had my phone interview with a volunteer from Boxer Rescue Ontario. I must say that I'm very impressed with this organization. I like the fact that they are taking the time to match up the right home with the right dog so that the adoption will succeed. Next up will be a home visit, likely with a dog. It will likely be another 4 to 5 months before an actual adoption takes place.

I'm excited, I'm nervous, and it feels like my life will change in ways I can't yet imagine. Sort of like having children. In fact, I've begun to call this dog my "fur baby" in my head because of how we will have to order our lives to accommodate this new family member. I never understood that sort of sentimentality before.


  1. Oh, boxers are adorable! I've always loved the way they look and how playful they always seem. I can't wait to see your furry new family member! I love the St-Ives too, although I've heard it can be a bit rough on the hands while knitting. I've got a few balls marinating in the stash too...

  2. That heathered St. Ives is beautiful! - another sock yarn to add to my "try" list.
    Your Spiral Yoke sweater is wonderful in the gently varigated yarn - the travelling stitches are are showing up very distinctly.

  3. The socks and the sweater look great!

  4. Holly9:23 pm

    Hi Laurie:

    Your sweater looks nice. I had just a thought about the short row sections, because this technique was used in a sweater I knit top down. I found, for me, that my tension knitting back and forth in the short row section looks different from my knitting in the round. The sweater's had many trips through the washing machine by now, and I can *still* see it. I'm sure no one would notice it, but it bugs me. Hope you have better luck (I'm sure you will!)

  5. I love the image of running down the hill with arms flapping. How funny. I can't imagine what the short row shaping is though. It adds up to a sweater that doesn't ride up?

    I am so happy you are going through breed rescue. Two of our three Boston Terriers came from rescue (the third from the pound). Rescue groups are great. Boxers are sweet dogs.

    They are fur-babies and they will change your life in wonderful ways you never imagined.