Saturday, January 06, 2007

Farmer's Market Fun

Jim and I went to the Farmer's Market this morning and I've got a knitting bag on order. Diane was a great lady to work with on this. I told her what design elements I'm after, and what kinds of fabrics I found interesting at her stall, and she's going to get creative for me. Diane is an artist, and I look forward to seeing what her creativity will produce.

After I'd paid my deposit and finished my arrangements with Diane, Jim and I did a bit of shopping and brought home this:

We had salad and meat pies for lunch with grapes for dessert. Perfect on such a windy wet day. The pies were delicious! Just chock full of meat, they tasted like a really good shepard's pie. The begonias only cost me a dollar and the grapes were a dollar a pound. I'm looking forward to going back to the market to pick up my bag from Diane.


  1. I am crazy jealous!

    This time of year, there isn't much going at my Farmers' Market. I can't wait to see your new bag.

  2. There will be no Farmer's Market near me until June....drat, but I'm jealous!

  3. Fun - it is so nice to meet the people who produce the goods! Your lunch must have been delicious! The bag of mixed greens looks wonderful!

  4. For the record, London has three Farmer's markets now. They sell produce, meat, cheese and dry goods as well as serve as a flea market of sorts. It's a bit of a treasure hunt to find something good at these places.