Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Work

Le sigh. Today, I must head me back to work. It was a lovely, relaxing vacation. I allowed myself to do not much of anything. There were many naps, and there was much knitting. It was just lovely.

Here's what I'm knitting now:

Pattern: Sea Mineral Mittens
Yarn: Koigu, Celestial Merino, a smidgen of Apple Laine.
Needles: 2.25 mm

This is a lovely free pattern I found on Ravelry, created by SpillyJane. She had a vision of these mitts as calming due to muted colors. Apparently I have a different vision. When I first knit up the cuff, I was scared it was too bright. The colors are really saturated. But once I got up into the hand, it started to balance out and now I'm okay with it. I do like how the variegated blue simulates water.


  1. These look like they will be great mitts.

    Of course I have to say the pattern would make great socks too!

  2. Can I say that without getting in trouble? I like yours better. The bright colors are great. And yes, they might make great socks too.

  3. I think your mitts look gorgeous! I'll have to nip over to Ravelry and check that pattern out. If you'll message me (I'm raspberry on ravelry) your knit wars total I'll make a donation to your charity same as I did for Anne. I think you were very brave to take that challenge on regardless of who you might have been matched against. I'd have had such a bad case of performance anxiety that I'd never have gotten anything done.

  4. Mom2Schnauzers10:00 am

    Beautiful! One day I'll delve into the mysterious world of color work. It's on my list for '09! (This year includes socks and experimenting w/crochet - purely for trim) .

    How about a felted fish or two on that sea???