Thursday, January 03, 2008

Creative Ideas

I've got two ideas that I'm toying with. One I'm certain to bring to light, the other is too uncertain yet.

What's certain is that I want to do something funky with this mitten:

I'd like to embroider some little fishies on that beautiful sea background. Perhaps just one cutie on the thumb ala Bird in the Hand Mittens. Or perhaps I'll try to knit the thumb to look like a fish, that'd be fun too. Either way, I'm certain that something funky is going down with these.

My other idea is to create a fair isle jacket using the Philosopher's Wool that I got from FibreFest North. It would have to be a jacket, because anything stranded at this weight would be too warm for most indoor wear. I don't think a pattern exists for what I have in mind, so I'd be designing my own thing. And that's where everything gets foggy because I don't have the neck line or edges or closures set in my head. There is inspiration all around though.

I've separated out the colors into the lights and darks.

I'd like to use a Celtic pattern from Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection. My next step should be to wind up the balls and start swatching. It's a daunting proposition though. I get plagued with doubt. Negative thoughts run through my head:
  • "It's too much work."
  • "You already have a fair isle sweater you didn't finish because you don't like working sleeves."
  • "Designing color work is hard."
  • "It won't look right."
  • "How will if figure out the sleeve shaping?"
The only positive thought I can come up with to counter act them all is "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I don't know how designers get the gumption to do it for a living.

Then again, maybe I'll knit lace....


  1. The mitten is gorgeous! I like the idea of the fish embellished on the thumb. I think the fish thumb would distract from all your hard work in the mitt. And I hope you enter these in the Fair, if you can wait that long!

  2. Go for it!! Seriously, designing your own is sometimes easier, because you can go directly from your brain to your own measurements without trying to wrestle with someone else's design proportions that are sort of similar to yours, but not nearly close enough.

    And worst case - make a gorgeous pillow out of it!

  3. I've seen some of your other works. Lovely! I can't wait to see the fair isle jacket you crank out.

  4. I can't wait to see what little "extra" you put on your BEAUTIFUL mitten....and I'm in awe of your jacket plan!!

  5. When in doubt, knit lace.

    It's the solution for everything.