Sunday, January 20, 2008

Excuses, excuses

I've got a few. It's been a week since I last blogged, but I see that the internet has managed to go along fine without me. It's too bad I don't have any photographic evidence of what I've been up to. Are you ready for a written report?

Last Tuesday was the Forest City Knitting Club meet up. That group is really growing! In part due to rave reviews passed around on Ravelry.

Wednesday night we attended an open house at the local high school that Luke will be attending next year. I went to it with trepidation and left favourably impressed. They went to considerable effort to put their best foot forward. The teachers are enthusiastic, there's a ton of programs and the school has great facilities. Two of Luke's good friends are planning on going there, so it sounds like a good transition for him.

Thursday I took the kids to Costco for the first time. They begged me to go. Luke summed it up for both of them when he said, "It's not so big, but it sure is tall." I can't tell if I'm saving any money shopping there. It's too much math, trying to calculate what I would normally pay for one tube of toothpaste against the price of seven all at once. I think I may just turn my membership back in. The main thing is that we bought a little freezer and now we can stockpile meat when it goes on sale. This is especially important since Dexter can eat almost as much as the four of us in one meal.

Work has been very busy too. By the time the weekend rolled around, I was about done in. Plus it's super cold around here. It's been grey outside and I can feel my energy slowly slipping away. Most nights this past week I was content to knit a sock. I did finish one sleeve of my tunic as well as one sock. I'm underwhelmed. Socks are no good unless there's two and it's hard to tell what the sleeve will be like until the lace is blocked.

I was bit by the creative bug this weekend. I couldn't stand to knit from a pattern or something so simple as a sock anymore. So I started something new and complex by layering two simple ideas together. But that's a blog post for another day..

In the meantime, you all just keep the internet running, will ya?


  1. I know what you mean about Costco - 4 jars of the spaghetti sauce I don't really like but I buy because it will do and it's cheap just isn't really worth it - BUT - the gigantic bag of chocolate chips that I'll just eat by the handfuls IS worth it!!

  2. I LOVED when we got an extra freezer, so I could really take advantage of when meat was on sale. I think you'll enjoy having the extra space.

    CostCo is tall - =) Kids are so danged cute, aren't they? Heehee. I have found, though, that sometimes a bulk-sale store like that isn't actually cheaper. I carry a lot of numbers in my head about the price of milk or coffee, so you do have to watch their prices. Sometimes it's a good deal, though!

    I'm not doing my share in running the internet. Gotta work on that....

  3. Gah. Costco is a menace but it sure can be a paycheck saving menace.

    Intriguing! The patterns you're ...knitting together. Ha. In both senses of the word.