Friday, January 11, 2008


Welcome to Friday everyone! It's been a busy week, but the weekend is almost upon us. I love weekend knitting because I have the time and energy to get something good going. Do you know what you're knitting this weekend?

I do. I finally chose a project. It's not the overly ambitious Celtic Jacket idea, though I may still get to it one day. Instead, I listened to that quiet, but insistent voice that said "lace". Here's my progress for the week:

It doesn't look like much. It doesn't even look like lace. But I'm still excited to work on it because of the yarn.

Yep, Elann's Baby Cashmere that has been aging in the stash for well over a year. It makes a lovely fabric, drapey and soft. I don't even mind knitting black in January because I'm anticipating a highly wearable end product.

But I haven't told you what the end product is yet, have I? Can you guess? It's the Rose Leaves Tunic from the Gathering of Lace. (It was really hard to find a picture of it on the net. I got the link above through Ravelry.)

When I first bought the book, I was in love with the idea of knitting this tunic. It's like creating a shawl, but more wearable. But I found Meg's directions too sketchy, so I was scared off. Somehow, either because I'm more confident or because I've read the instructions often enough, it seems doable now. Maybe one day my own design ideas will seem doable too. In the mean time, I'm really looking forward to finishing the yoke so I can get onto the lace patterns.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you all have a juicy project to sink your needles into.


  1. WOW!!! That's going to be amazing when you finish it. hmmm cashmere.

  2. Wow, Laurie, that tunic looks beautiful! What great knitting you have ahead of you - lots of changes with the pattern as you go down, so no boredom! Actually, I've got a sweater for my husband in mind that I'm ordering yarn for today - so no weekend knitting, but some good stuff coming up! Have fun!

  3. This yarn looks delicious -do you think it could be used for socks (!) ?

  4. Any woman who designed those fishy mittens can knit this tunic for sure.

    I had no idea what you'd knit up! But it's going to be lovely, that pattern and the yarn are just meant for each other.

  5. The tunic is going to be simply wonderful! I love lace. I'd like to cast on the EZ as PI shawl but instead I'll be working my sweater from Poetry in Stitches instead. I need to get to the underarms before Tuesday when I see the other knitters again. We're like a KAL group and someone will be showing us how to do steeks. I did them once when I didn't even know what I was doing. Believe that?