Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trying to Brighten a Grey Mood

We had glorious sunshine this morning, just enough for the trip in to work. I arrived with a song on my lips and a bounce in my step. But then the clouds rolled in, and the drizzle started coming down along with my mood. It was a damp walk with Dexter this evening and the weather is only expected to get worse. Its boring to talk about the weather, but it has such an influence on my life that it cannot be ignored.

My knitting is just off these days. I can't seem to do anything I'm particularly thrilled with. Everything is just meh, or feh. I mentioned a creative idea I had. Well, I let it linger in the basket for a week and now I want to rip it. But I thought I'd post it first.

It's a mitered mitten ala Elizabeth Zimmerman, but I wanted it to be warmer, so I thought I'd throw some color work in there. It didn't work out how I'd planned. I wanted to emphasize the angle of the miter, but instead it's muddied. Anyway, it was a fun experiment, but I think I'll liberate the yarn. The colors are kinda meh too.

So, when in doubt knit socks. I always keep a plain sock in my purse for emergency knitting, but I've also got one going when I'm in front of the TV.

I got this bright Kroy Krazy Stripes at a Micheal's sale and the colors were calling to me. It makes me think of sunshine and green grass and blue skies. Other than that, various works-in-progress are getting a row or two added on here and there. I'm just not very excited about anything right now. I don't know what's up with that.

Angelika kindly nomiated me for the "You make my day" award. That's a nice thrill. Thank you dear. Here's something that makes me smile.



  1. I like the mitered mitten. I can see that it isn't doing what you want, but it does look nice. Maybe revamp the idea?

    The kisses are too cute!

  2. I loved the colors on the mittens. But I see where a day like that with icky weather can make even the best idea look blaah. I hope the award made it a little better.

  3. Give it a day or two. Something will catch your imagination.

  4. I like the cuff of that mitt. My biggest beef with mitts is cuffs that aren't easy to slip the mitt on, esp if I'm holding something in the other hand.

    Are you sure that's a dog 'kiss' and not a 'taste' ;o)

  5. The mitten is cute.


    And kids. Oh well. Better learn the consequences now than later.

  6. Oh that picture did make me smile! And I'm glad it's not just Ireland that's getting the grey gloomy weather. And to tell the truth, yours does last a lot longer, doesn't it? Keep experimenting (loved the mitred mitten idea) and you're on the right track with bright greens and yellows for spring.