Thursday, January 24, 2008

Career Choices

My sons are at that age where they start to think about what they want to do when they grow up. Luke is 13 and will be starting highschool next year, so he is considering what courses he wants to take, and what he would like to do when he graduates from highschool. Will it be post secondary education, or straight into the work force? Alex is 11 and naturally interested in the discussions we are having with Luke.

Alex has already told us that he would like to join the Canadian military so that he can help people while having adventures. There are some excellent television commercials on right now that have made an impact on him. Sure, that's a scary career choice, but I support him in his decision. Mostly because I admire his reasons. Helping people is a noble desire.

To help Alex with his career choice, he's intending to sign up to be a Cadet as soon as he's twelve. Jim's family has a long history with the Cadets. All of his brothers went through the program and Jim was an instructor for 10 years after he graduated from the program. I think this is an excellent way for Alex to build skills as well as discover if he's really suited to the career path he's chosen.

Tonight, Luke mentioned that he's thinking he'd like to be a scientist. Apparently, Luke was discussing this with his Dad, and Jim asked him what his strong skills were. They determined that he really likes science and has superb math skills, so perhaps he should go into science. Nice job Dad!

Now here comes the true confession. I've got to admit I'm just tickled at the thought of my boys all grown up and pursuing a career. In my mind's eye, I can see Luke, pale and serious, with a white lab coat on, expostulating some complex and esoteric scientific theory. And I envision Alex, strong and competent, handsome in his uniform, rescuing people from a dangerous situation.

Then I say to myself, "Simmer down Mom!" My boys have a long road before them still. But my, this is an exciting time for our family.


  1. Your mommy-skills are right up there with your knitting skills.

    Personally, I'm still not sure what I want to do when I grow up ;o)

  2. I enjoyed the whole process of my two kids trying to figure out what they wanted to do. With my son, it was really no question, he'd be a farmer like his dad. However, unlike his dad (thank goodness, another story!) he decided to go to a two-year agricultural program at Virginia Tech. When he graduated, he apprenticed with an older man (hoof-trimming; apparently dairy cattle's hooves grow quickly) and after a couple of years bought the business. He's now 33, loves what he's doing but doesn't want to do such dirty, physical work for the rest of his life, but doesn't know what he does want to do. Back to square one, but this time with experience and money behind him. And a wife and two kids!

    My daughter is a SAHM to her two kids and works at Disney World some nights and weekends while her husband is home. She's always wanted to work there, so mission accomplished! (And she gets the family in free!)

  3. Wow - how different it is with boys. All I can think about is what I DON'T want Kathryn to be (beauty school drop out, tattoo artist, Starbucks clerk for life. Maybe I just need these next two years - she's only 11 - to start seeing her potential instead of the other doors!!

  4. Ah, I remember when. Well things might change more than once in a lift time [I changed careers twice] And sometimes it's a progression of continued education which even leads you into a different direction. It is interesting to find out which direction your kids go tho. And if it's different from what they choose at the age of 7-12, LOL.

    My daughter is a Dry Waller, #1 son is a Bill Collector, #2 son is a House Framer in construction [or whatever it's called, LOL] The original choices? Forensic Doctor, a Scientist, & a Truck Driver. Whoa, were they off base or what?

  5. Aw, but it's so much fun to dream about their futures.

  6. Cadets, what a perfect idea. Even though I have been in London 2 years, I still feel like a newbie. I checked out the site, and my 12 year old daughter was totally in to the idea of sea cadets. We filled in the forms and are ready to go.
    Thanks for the idea :)
    PS I love the knitting :)