Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Busy Weekend

All my weekends are busy these days. Dexter must still be walked, even though I'd rather sleep in. Alternate Saturdays mornings Jim and I have a counseling appointment, and Saturday afternoons are for dog obedience training. Sunday mornings we do a big family breakfast. Then there's groceries, laundry, housecleaning, and whatever else we can squeeze in.

For example, this weekend I cut Alex's hair for the first time.

There are some definite problems with this cut, but it was my first time with the clippers. He's such a handsome kid, I don't think anyone will notice much and I know that the next cut will be even better.

I also had to make an extra trip to Walmart to do a return and to pick up a few things. The line ups were crazy, considering how beautiful the weather is. I was about to be bummed out by the huge line when I remembered I had my knitting with me.

I'm never too busy for a little knitting.


  1. Ok, I have to admit, I drag my knitting with me a lot, but then leave it in the car, but I've never seen anyone knit in the line at Walmart or anywhere else like that. You are too much. :D

  2. I am relieved that I am not the only one who travels with knitting. I never leave home without it. I even take it with me on walks - I may need to sit down at some point to take in the scenery. :)

  3. I cut my daughter's hair and she cuts mine. Once, though, she forgot to wear her glasses and it was very, very lop-sided until it grew in -- I got more compliments on that cut!

    I will be glad to be free of the crutches since I cannot knit and crutch. I'm not used to walking without knitting.

    What are you working on in that photo?

  4. Good for you, girl! I used to fret in queues until I started taking the current sock project along. Now I find the darn queue moves up too quickly!