Monday, September 03, 2007

Lavendar's Blue, Dilly-dilly

Feeling blue? This color is such a rich, warm blue, it's far from sad! Thanks Jo, for reminding me about my little carry bag. I've only used it once so far, but it's perfect for my current sock on the go. The colors even match up! I've probably knit too much on this simple Trekking XXL sock (color 110), but I'm fascinated by the color changes. I keep thinking, "Just a little bit more, I want to see what's next."

In the background of this picture is some lavender I harvested from our garden. I was far to late to gather the flowers, but these seed heads are still very potent. I put the sachets in my yarn cupboard.

Thanks for all the advice and concern over Dexter. He hasn't coughed since that one bout, so we're keeping him from too much exercise, checking to see if he's hot, and making sure the water dish is always full of fresh, clean water. I did a stupid thing and gave him grapes on Saturday, so that probably didn't help anything! Poor pooch, the worst problem he has is an ignorant owner. Anyway, he's certainly not listless.


  1. I love your choice of knitting projects -- I bet you are looking forward to fall to wear your Oregon vest. Could it be more perfect?? And just wait until the Halcyon is finished -- woo hoo!

  2. Thanks for the link on things that dogs ought not eat. It doesn't mention poop. Dogs on a farm always seem to want to eat poop. And when you say, 'no!' they are certain you are referring only to that one specific piece of poop. Go figure!

  3. HopeS3:41 pm

    I love lavender, and I love that sock!

  4. keep in mind that they did say that it affects some and not others. Did Dexter have a reaction to the grapes? (I still think the cough is more of a scratch his throat or expel something than anything serious)

  5. I think dogs have different reactions to things, like people. I never knew not to give my dog grapes, so he's always eaten them. Milk, however, makes him ill. =/ I just read a list of what not to give your dog, and it's a really big list! Fortunately, pancakes wasn't on it, so we can still have breakfast together...