Monday, October 09, 2006

Relaxation.... with Socks

Thank you all for the kind comments about my sweater. Our dinner was delicious and I think we could have fed a bunch of knitters! What a spread! I sent a bunch of it home with my brother-in-law who is single and we had leftovers today.

Today was all about relaxing and it was lovely. I knocked out a couple of socks, and went for a walk to take in the fall color. The first pair of socks have been my traveling companions for quite some time and you've seen them in my knitting in public shots.

These were made on 2mm needles using MegaBoot Stretch and a stitch pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational socks. They are very stretchy and therefore destined to grace the feet of my mother-in-law.

Here's a picture of my woods. We haven't had a cold snap so the trees are turning color very slowly. The light was just beautiful this morning.

We took time to play a family game together.

And this is the first of my original sock idea using the STR Titania yarn.

I continued the ribbing through the short row heel and up both sides of the leg. It flowed nicely into the ribbed cuff. I finished it with a sewn tubular edge. I really like the look and stretch in this edge and it's no harder than kitchener stitch.

But ultimately, I'm not convinced that this design is the best it could be. I'll knit the second one to match, but I think that the ribbing up the side doesn't work as well as I hoped. I also fudged things along a bit. When I'm knitting for myself and not following a pattern, I don't hold that the two socks have to be identical and I just follow what makes sense to me when I'm knitting it.

I don't think I will bother writing this up as a real pattern. My first post should be enough to go on for anyone who would like to duplicate this effort. But really, there are nicer sock patterns out there for free. I'll try again another time.


  1. I really like your mother-in-law socks! what yarn is that? good fall colors!

  2. Sewn tubular edge - that is a new one on me. I like the colour of both pair of socks.

  3. The MIL socks are great, beautiful colours.

  4. What do you call that stitch pattern that looks like a little bow? That's so cool!

  5. Laurie, tried to email but it bounced back. You can get me on kerjoATgofreeDOTindigoDOTie

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