Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Whew! I'm catching my breath tonight after a busy week. Wait. It's only Wednesday. Feels like I've done enough for a full week already. I'll have to make this a short post.

I ripped the red socks because I wasn't enjoying the pattern. Too much effort for too little return. They just couldn't compare to the Austrian Patterned Knee socks. Plus, I got side tracked by this:
The yarn is Paton's Kiss and it is soft and lovely like petting a kitten. I eyed it for a year before finally breaking down at Walmart and buying some.
Notice the turn at the neck? This interesting detail is a screw up that turned into a design feature. It helps the scarf stay on your neck instead of sliding around. I'll write up a pattern for y'all when I get a moment.

Then on Monday, I did an entrelac presentation for the London Hand Knitter's Guild. I brought the Fiber Fish Pattern, the Knitter's Fall 2003 issue that contains entrelac instructions, and the Asian book I recently got that also contains an entire sweater knit in entrelac as well as one that just has the yoke.

The pattern I used for my tutorial was Dave's Garterlac Dishcloth pattern. I had to knit one up before class to make sure I understood everything. Well I loved it! There was some Bernat cotton on sale for a dollar a ball and now I have these two cloths:

Aren't they fun? They are just the simple hit of bright color I needed when my world has gone grey and hectic.

Thanks Dave, for a great pattern!


  1. You're welcome -- I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  2. Hey Laurie, I got a big ball of that Bernat too, when I was in BC - I got it in a variegated turquoise. Now I'm going to cheer up my life with bright cloths too.

    I liked the red yarn you were using for the socks, though. What was it, or if I scroll back far enough will I find out?

    Celtic Memory Yarns

  3. Laurie,

    Thanks for tipping me off to Dave's pattern! What a perfect way to ease oneself into entrelac! And his pictures are a big help, I think -- I never would have figured it out otherwise, I don't think! I will try one of his dishcloths, and if all goes well, I'll soon graduate to a fish mitten! :-)

    I just need to get me some variegated cotton yarn, since (IMHO) there's no point in knitting entrelac with solid colors!

  4. Oh, and cool scarf, by the way -- if knit in pink yarn it would look just like a breast cancer awareness scarf! :-)

  5. I hear you Mary on the varigated colors, but heck I knit up two solid entrelac dishcloths anyway. :-)