Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wild and Funky in Southern Ontario

Freakish weather blew in to London today.

This was what my drive home from work looked like. Snow!

The mailman brought me a package from my Funky Scarf Swap pal. It's from Craftylilly and look at the nice care package she sent me.

There are two books, enough yarn for another scarf, and of course, the awesome wild and funky, Funky Scarf!

I wore it to the hairdresser's. She cut my hair and I got my fall colors put in. I think the scarf goes great with my new 'do.

I'm so happy, I gotta dance!

This just in: You've gotta check out Latvian Mitten heaven!


  1. Lucky girl! That is a very neat scarf. Thanks for the link to Latvian Mitten heaven!

  2. Anonymous11:18 pm

    what a nice swap pal you got! Good for you.

    Latvian Mittens - holly crap! I wonder if the recepiants will ever appreciate all the work that went into them?!

  3. Love your hair... And the scarf... LOL


  4. That is one groovy scarf. Love it.

  5. It made it! Yay!!

    Glad you like the scarf and other goodies. Wear in good health and happiness!

  6. Snow ... yikes! Great scarf!!

  7. That is one cute funky scarf! Nice funky dance there too.

    I am so jealous of your weather! And wow. That is one HUGE stack of mittens.

  8. Well, that's a cute do and one funky scarf! And oy! Those mittens! What a feast for the eyes!

    I hear that Buffalo, NY got 2 feet of snow, so I guess you guys got off lucky?

  9. We had snow, too! It was so weird seeing snow on trees still full of leaves.

    I love the funky scarf. Is it crocheted or knitted?

  10. The funky scarf is knitted in little tiny squares. What an effort! :-)