Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Roll Call!

It's time to round up the knitting projects and have an accounting. I've got quite a roll call to display for you tonight. This is a new thing for me, to have so many projects on the needles. But lately, when I get the itch to knit something other than what I am currently working on, I say, "Hey! It's my hobby! I'll knit what I want." Either I am an empowered woman, or the knit blogging community has corrupted me. So long as I still finish things now and again, I'm good with it.

Line up, all you projects!

Look at that line! Straighten up. Now let's get a good look at you. Begin with the eldest, dad's vest.

I am at the arm hole shaping and now this is tricky. It's because the pattern was written to be knit flat, and I'm doing it in the round which means I must juggle all the instructions. I've graphed it, read it over several times, but I still feel like I'd rather work on this when I am well rested and have plenty of time. In other words, on the weekend.

Next up, Vacation Shawl.

This project came out of retirement to soothe me when I was very tired and had nothing to knit. What do you mean, you don't believe I had nothing to knit?! Well then, I had nothing that I could safely knit. I was very busy at work last week and needed something that wouldn't challenge me.

I've been pondering how I should finish this shawl and an idea came to me today that could be very dramatic, very unusual and possibly could tank horribly. Sounds like just my sort of thing, doesn't it? The idea would be to finish each arm of the spiral as a separate point. I even have an idea on how to do it. I wonder how it would hang, and what it would look like....

Next is my secret love affair, a sexy little project that I sneak away to when I want to have a bit of naughty fun.

Can you guess who it is?

Here's a gift scarf I started this weekend.

Thanks to my Funky Scarf pal for the yarn. I've got a conditional cast on so I can graft it together in a mobius. It's soft, pretty and mindless. Boring too. I save it for movies and knitting with my friends.

Ewh. Look at these monsters.

I also started these during the past weekend for Christmas presents. Knitting the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern the first time was a revelation. My friends, this is the forth time and the mystery is starting to unravel. I don't like knitting with big needles much. I do like the end product so I will soldier on. I may even do it again before Christmas comes. I believe it takes me about 8 hours to do a pair. Not all at once silly!

Oh! And here's the baby! A figure-8 start for a toe up sock.
Can you believe that Soctoberfest is almost done already? And I hardly knit socks at all. I'm a bad Alonger. I've started going into withdrawal from having no socks on the needles so I started up these guys tonight. That fresh green is just the thing while the snow and hail and freezing rain are coming down.

So, it's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your projects are?

By the Way - I'm glad you liked the scarf pattern. Thank you very much. Credit must be given to Darian who, when I exclaimed over my mistake, said "No! Keep it, it's a feature." I screwed up, but she discovered the benefit of my screw up. So thanks! Darian.


  1. It's not just you. I was talking to someone about this yesterday. It is going around. I'll do this tomorrow. It's almost 11 here. Far too dark for photo taking.

    Where did the month go? o.0

  2. I have three projects on the go, but I keep them in the basket in the Living room, so they are always there awaiting my attention! I love the vest and the 'sexy' pink item. Will those socks drive away the nasty weather? Sure hope so, it is too early for winter!

  3. I love your vest. Very pretty! I have so many projects going right now that I can't even keep track of them. But hey, its our knitting right? I am very curious what the sexy little no. is. Any more hints? It looks very feminine.

  4. I'm impressed by the vest! What lovely colorwork! Haven't delved into that technique yet.

  5. I know where you are at!! Earlier this fall I did an accounting of my projects on the needles and vowed not to start a new project untill all unfinished projects were done!! To date, I've finished one aran sweater for my XL brother, one easy sweater for myself, one pair of socks (and started a new pair and finished those!!), one vest for myself. I still have to finish the Dale of Norway sweater for my husband and a lace shawl for myself. I think, however, that my shawl will go back on the shelf so that I can start and finish Christmas knitting. It makes me feel SOOO much better to have those older projects done!!! I love your dad's vest--gorgeous. Does he know you are making it?? Will he think it's a fabulous winter present???

  6. Most of those knits are for someone else for Christmas. Dad will be getting his vest then, even though he knows I'm making it. My dad doesn't like it if you make too big a fuss over him!

    I think that's part of why the pink number is so sexy. It can only be for me! Also, I notice I'm knitting predominately in the blue/grey range. I need some more color!

  7. I love those potential-to-tank projects, good luck with it! Usually half of what I'm working on is something like that. :)

  8. I am completely smitten with the vest you're making for your Dad! Beautiful colourwork. I don't know who the naughty little lass is but am charmed and looking forward to her identity revealed.

  9. All impressive projects! And I like your easy moebius technique -- so sneaky! But so much freakin' easier than that moebius cast-on! :-)

  10. Yeah, moebius cast on, OK, but Laurie you sneaky being, how come you seem to have mastered the Figure 8 cast on so airily, casually, while SOME of us are left weeping and gnashing our teeth (and at the cost of dental treatment these days, that's not a very good idea).
    Suppose you tell me in words of one syllable how to do that Figure 8? Better still, come over here and SHOW me. I'll trade you some yarn...

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