Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Christmas Memory

This blog post brought back memories. I remember Luke's grade one concert very vividly.

I suspect the teachers knew what was going to happen, but as Luke's parents, we hadn't a clue. They had tried to hide him by placing him in the back row, but it was still very noticeable that one boy was going along to his own beat.

At first, everything went as expected. A line of adorable children snaked behind the teacher as she marched up to the podium. They all took their places on the choir risers and the concert began. As the music began to play, Luke began to look around him. Then he looked behind him. Then he started to roll his head around and around. Soon he was rising up and down in time to the music. After a while, he didn't bother with the music. He'd slowly drop down, and then pop! back up again.

Jim and I watched helplessly from the audience. Jim whispered to me, "Maybe nobody will notice." I whispered back "Are you kidding me? That's all anybody has noticed."

That was a good seven years ago now and I don't believe I was right. Oh, I'm sure everyone noticed, but I'm also sure that they were very busy watching their own children. It's funny how things like that seem so much worse at the time.


  1. Ruth (Knitting on Impulse)1:21 am

    Thankfully we have such a supportive school and community now (at long last), that I no longer want to crawl under my seat when the inevitable happens. (And thanks to the last minute scrap of red felt that preserved her sense of equilibrium, she did great tonight!)

  2. Blessed perspective...all moms need it, but always too late.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Laurie!

  3. The Knitting Ruler10:13 am

    This was very sweet to me. Thanks for sharing with readers. Speaking as one that not only caused my parents to hide a bit when holiday plays happened at school (one VIVID incident was involving a stage, a carol, a dress all red & lovely tucked sweetly into white ruffled undies with a hold on the tush) Ahhh how it seemed to be the final straw that would keep the PTA from asking mother to head the holiday luncheon next year ;)
    Hmmm, sometimes I wonder if the "undie offender secretly KNEW that). Now back to knitting and win that war!