Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Christmas well and truly did me in. Yesterday I had two naps. Two! But I'm beginning to feel like myself again. I think everyone enjoyed their presents.

Including my Mom:

I knit her the Foliage hat from Knitty, using Doug's yarn. It was exactly the right color and nice and soft. My Mom kept petting it and commenting on how soft it was. Here's a better shot of the hat.

I also got plenty of knitting done on Doug's socks. I wanted to knit him something with a lot of detail in it. So I chose Nancy Bush's Chalet socks:

I'm using Regia Silk which shows of the twisted stitches beautifully and the material itself is lovely and soft. I also know from experience that it wears really well, making durable, long lasting socks.

This pattern is sized for a woman, and I personally find Nancy's socks fit a bit small. So I went up a needle size (and then down two needle sizes for the heel flap) and I also added 8 stitches to the whole thing.

But I lost your size measurements Doug. What size shoe do you wear?

We're having some more lovely winter weather today:

I'd love to send this stuff your way Jo, but I'm afraid we're keeping it for ourselves. It was lovely walking Dexter at the dog park in this light fluffy snow fall. So peaceful, and so nice to know that I still have time off work to enjoy my family and friends.


  1. You are right, they all looked very pleased. The mittens and the hat are perfect for your mom. You done did good ;). Keep it up.

  2. Heh! I made a Foliage, too. Wasn't it fun? And are those new mittens or old mittens that she's wearing? They're pretty, anyway.

    Are you still knitting? I'm still knitting. Five days to go!

  3. 10.5 - 11 shoe size ;o) and they are looking beautiful!

  4. Doug's socks look amazing! Your mom appears to be very pleased with her knitted gifts.

  5. your mom is adorable and look how happy her new knits make her!! nothing like getting a great response for a gift of love. your snow looks gorgeous . . ours is all gone.

  6. I'm catching up with blog reading and I just have to stop and say WOW - those Chalet socks are gorgeous! Talk about great stitch definition!! They are on my list for someday...