Saturday, December 29, 2007

Recap -2007

It was a good year for me. The Fiber Fish Mitten pattern sold very well at the start of 2007 which gave me some disposable income to spend on yarn. I feel very fortunate that so many people appreciated and purchased the pattern. With the proceeds, I purchased the Oregon Vest kit from Alice Starmore. This piece was a pleasure to knit and I'm proud to wear it any where.

This was the year of Ravelry. It is amazing what a powerful resource it has become. I find myself going to it to look for patterns, to make decisions about yarn substitutions and to keep track of my own modifications and variations. I look forward to the day that they open it up to the public for viewing. Long live Ravelry!

2007 was the first year for FibreFest North; a high point in my year. I went to the Needle Emporium's Tent sale for the first time, and we welcomed Dexter to our home.

My project tally for 2007 is:
  • 9 sweaters
  • 8 hats
  • 3.5 pairs mittens
  • 2 pairs felted clogs
  • 2 scarves
  • 2 dish rags
  • 2 small bags
  • 2 shawls
  • 18 pairs of socks
You can see the whole set on Fickr. Out of that list, I gave away 16 items as Christmas presents.


  1. Wow, an inventory like that sure makes you see how busy you were in one year. Respect. Keep it up. It's always funny seeing other people(s) work ;)

  2. Sarah in Mt View10:22 am

    Wow, that vest is beautiful! Thanks for all your posts this year -- I love reading them.

  3. Your vest is great wow you have been a busy knitter this year I hope to be able to squeak out some great things in 2008 hope you have a Happy New Year

  4. Lovely vest! it looks great on you. :) (And your fish mittens are *awesome*, even if I haven't bought and knit the pattern.)

  5. Snapdragon4:16 pm

    Have been sick for a week and am just now catching up with my reading.

    Wow! the Oregon Vest is awesome!! Really, really nice. The colors are great and looks like it was made to go with your hair!

    You're an inspiration, I wanna knit like you when I grow up, lol!! :-)
    Happy New Year. -Cindy (snapdragon)

  6. Ooo, I love the idea of keeping track of everything you've knitted over the year. I didn't do that last year, but I can certainly start now. Thanks for the inspiration!