Monday, December 03, 2007

Showing the Love

My youngest son, Alex, has a brother who demands and requires a lot of attention because of his ADD and Tourette's. So sometimes, Alex does his own things to demand attention. There was one time when he was six or so, and he wanted me to play a game with him, but I was just finishing up a really absorbing book. Which I don't do that often... Anyway, he was so frustrated with me putting him off that he started to take scissors to the curtains, right where I could see him! After a little time out, I gave him a book to read beside me. We shared a snack, and when I'd finished reading the last couple of pages, then we played a game.

So the other day, when I finished Luke's slippers, I could tell Alex was disappointed. I don't know why I did Luke's first. If I was thinking of it, I would have done Alex's first because it really makes no difference to me. But I could tell it made a difference to Alex. So Sunday morning I started, and by Sunday evening at bedtime I had two slippers for my boy.

This morning he helped me felt them:

The big smiles made it worth it.


  1. I love the red with grey! I have this pattern and I want to knit some for myself. Alas, I have to wait until after Christmas. Or at least until my gifts are done. But this would sure make nice gifts for the kids NEXT year... if only I could be sure of they're sizes by then. Wish they'd stop growing for a few minutes.

  2. Great slippers! I made my youngest a sweater this fall for much the same reason ...

  3. I love those slippers. I bet even MY kids would wear those, I sure would. They always tear holes in the heels of their socks, because they hate wearing shoes. That sounds bad, right? Gotta find that pattern.