Saturday, December 08, 2007

More Fun!

Hmm.. I'm having a great Saturday too. First, Dexter and I were off to the dog park. We stayed for an hour because we were having such a good time. After breakfast, I've made a pot of rice and beans for tonight's supper. Jim's gone all afternoon to play games at a friend's house, so I'm going to bake. But before all that, I finished a pair of mittens this morning.

Helgi's Mittens by Nancy Bush from Knitting in Eastonia
Shelridge Farms Soft Touch
2.75 mm bamboo

I wanted to use the last of the yarn from my mom and dad's mittens and I was hoping to get one more pair. But these call for more stitches at a tighter gauge so I left the thumbs for last. As it was, I had to sub in some sock yarn for the last 8 rows on one mitt. You can't see it at all. Anyway, I was not at all confident I would have enough yarn, so I decided to leave the thumbs for last.

And then, inspiration hit! Sore thumb mittens!

Tee hee! These crack me up! I used some alpaca left over from Alex's socks so the thumbs are very soft and should be very warm. I can't do stranded work with a cut thumb, so I needed a yarn that could stand on its own. Jim wasn't too sure about the whole idea, but I'm really glad I went for it.

Now, off to bake. I hope your Saturday is fun too.


  1. The red thumbs are a great addition! Love the mittens.

  2. Those are terrific! I think I might purposely put some colored thumbs on my next mittens. Great job!

  3. I love the mittens especially the color & the design the thumbs are so cool

  4. That is such a great solution! I simply have to do that with both mittens and socks next time round. Lovely!

  5. awesomely cute. hope your finger is better!

  6. I've heard of sore thumb mittens before, but this puts it in a whole new light! and you know what? alpaca thumbs are perfect since it's the thumbs that are usually the coldest and alpaca is so toasty warm.
    I love them!

  7. oh i love those mitts; truly inspired! i really like the ones with the more abstract designs like that . . i could stare at those forever.

  8. Sore thumbs! That's hilarious. They look fabulous.

    Good luck w/your "war"!