Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And now for some Knitting.... Eventually.

Dexter gave me a rough day yesterday. It's a good thing I've had kids. I remember what it was like with them when they were little and we had a bad day. I know now, that these days pass. That bad days are part of the process.

Dexter is a well behaved dog in the house, with the kids and on the leash. He's just not well behaved around other dogs. And I, in my ignorance, exposed him to other dogs a bit more than he was able to tolerate.

As for knitting, I managed to start my last repeat of frost flowers pattern in my shawl. I've still got a couple more weeks to go on it I estimate. And here's the promised sock picture:

It's so bright, I think I'll call it my sunbeam sock. The yarn is Hill Country Yarns, Sweet Feet that I won in the Bitchin' Mittens contest last year. The pattern is from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks and it uses a variation of shetland lace to make those scallops. It's a funny pattern. You decrease for four rounds, increase a round, then do two rounds in reverse stockinette.

Have I mentioned we're on vacation? We're just staying home, playing with the dog, knitting and reading Harry Potter. I just finished it this morning. I think this book was the best one of all. I yelled out loud, cried and laughed, Now my husband is reading it. I'm looking forward to him finishing it so we can discuss it.


  1. Just like Dexter, I'm well behaved when I'm on a leash and when I'm not around other humans. But - take me off the leash and put me in a strange crowd of humans and it's "Johnny bad the door..."

    I love your "Sunbeam" socks. So bright and cheery!

  2. Dad burn it. Every time I think I have 'enough' sock yarn in my stash....along comes Laurie with a fabulous new yarn I've never heard of! What's a fellow to do???

  3. I love the colour of that sock! It will be so bright and cheery in the drab gray winter morning light. I know you will love it. But, will you wear it to the Christmas party! :) LOL.

  4. Oh I LOVE the color of the sock yarn. I must knit what I have tho, but it's really tempting to go look. Bad girl. [not you, me]

  5. The sunbeams reminds me more of a pumpkin. Either way, they are very pretty.

  6. oh that IS a nice sunny sock!
    do you watch the dog whisperer on national geographic channel? he does a lot of good training for people with dogs. a lot of adopted dogs have the same problems . . .

  7. That yarn is too cool. I love the vibrant colors. My vacation is over, hubby is gone again and the routine will have us back real soon again.