Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dexter's First Day

I'm so tired after my first day with Dexter. We met him half way, took him for a walk before putting him in the car to head home. After 3 hours of driving, I then took him for another long walk that lasted about an hour and a half. The idea is that this way Dexter will learn he is a long way from home.

The walk was also a good way for us to learn about each other. Dexter was trained to be a service dog for a little girl with Autism. When Boxer Rescue Ontario learned that Luke has Tourette's they decided that this made us an ideal match for Dexter. Because of his service training, Dexter knows more commands than most dogs. However, Dexter's owner has Fibromyalgia which prevented her from exercising him and keeping up his training. As a result he has a few bad habits that will need to be unlearned, but we've made excellent progress right on the first day.

Luke's reaction to Dexter has been very interesting. He's been running hot and cold. He's both excited about a new pet, and apprehensive about slobber and licking. We bought Dexter a crate, which we found to be very useful when he became anxious. He has a blankie from home, and his favourite toys in the crate. He was whining and pacing, so I put him in the crate and he settled right down. Which was when Luke decided to sit about 2 feet away and just talk to Dexter.

I think we all have a lot to learn, but so far, so good.


  1. What a face! I hope you all have many happy years with Dexter.

    My family had a Boxer when I was a teen - one of the smartest dogs I've ever know.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about Dexter and his new family.

  2. He looks like a sweetie. Sounds smart too! I bet within a week you're on track.

  3. Welcome home Dexter! Your new family welcomes you with open arms!

  4. You have to love that face! We crated both our dogs, and they used it as a little 'cave' and a place to get away from it all. Dogs do not think of the crate as punishment, unless they are in more than out - just my opinion. Lucky Dexter! I am sure he and Luke will soon be bet buddies!

  5. Dewter is too cute! I am sure that once he gets used to his new home and his new "rules" all will be well! Enjoy!

  6. Oh my! I totally have missed this whole Dexter thing. What a cutie! I'm so happy you finally got a Boxer. Lucky you, lucky Dexter!