Monday, July 02, 2007

Break Out

I'm the kind of person who usually has at least two projects on the needles at any given point in time. A simple sock for traveling, socializing or soothing me, and a complicated project that fires my imagination and challenges me. Usually that is sufficient, but these days, I haven't seemed to be able to settle on two.

My traveling sock is the Random Rib pattern that is now into the leg portion on both socks. I still love the yarn and the sock, but because of it's status it progresses slowly. One day, I will feel like I want a finished object and then they will get a few evenings worth of attention to finish them off.

My original complicated project was to be the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl. But because I've knit the pattern before, I easily memorized it the second time around and now I find it is my comfort knitting. I love the big long rows of patterning. I love that I can pick it up at any time and just knit, no decisions to make, no charts to follow, just interesting knitting that lasts a good long while. I think I've put another two repeats on it since I've shown it last.

Isn't it getting big? I love that! I'm going to work the full pattern, or until the yarn runs out, which ever comes first. Since the shawl is now comfort knitting, I've been casting about (little pun there) for complicated knitting, but I've been tripping over my own feet, so to speak.

First there was the bookmark sock:

I haven't touched it in weeks. I'm questioning my motivation on this one. Creating something extremely complex just to impress the judges at the Western Fair doesn't seem like such a smart idea. And yet.... there's something intriguing about this project.

But still I haven't been working on it. Perhaps the idea of knitting a second sock is scaring me off. Also, how do you display such a piece of art? You can't put it on a sock blocker, it needs a real foot to show it off. But I don't really plan on wearing it. I'd NEVER shove it into a shoe. So what am I going to do with it afterwards? All that work, for one competition, just to shove it into a closet afterwards? I can't decided what to do, so I've just been ignoring it.

Then there was the Austrian Diamond socks which I just blitzed through in a week. After I took the pictures to show you, I started thinking they are a bit too tight for me. However, I often find that my socks fit perfectly after they are just made, but get sloppy as I wear them. So I decided to keep them for myself, but that means that I have to lengthen the toe. My first try didn't turn out right.

It's okay. I know what I need to do now. I want the decreases to happen over the purl, and I need still more length. If I do it right, it will all flow together beautifully.

Since it was a long weekend, I decided I deserved a new project. I know! Another one!

This is a mitten from Selbuvotter, but I've added this years date and my initials in place of the original date and initials. I'm not sure I like it. It actually is that shiny. But the fit is good, which is nice.

So once again, I have issues with my knitting. But this is what happens when you push yourself outside your comfort zone. Things get uncomfortable.


  1. So what's next? A 6 x 6 afghan made up of two inch squares so you can sew them all together? :-)

    Those Austrian Diamonds are on my "to-do" list. Or they were. I'm working on another twisted stitch pattern right now, and I am appalled at how slow it is. Egads.

  2. You could always frame the bookmark socks after the fact, and display them on the wall near your fish mittens. Or do like Cookie A. and get a couple of manakin legs and display them that way. ;-)

    All your projects are beautiful. :-)

  3. I go for the manakin legs for display! I saw a garden photo once and the gardener had two legs from a manakin coming up out of the pond - fun, but I would not put such beautiful socks out in the weather!
    I love the shawl - my Pi Shawl is similar - easy relaxing knitting. That kind of knitting sounds perfect for summer!

  4. Didn't you forget to mention a certain sweater, that's hibernating in some corner?

  5. The Austrian Diamond socks are so beautiful. I hope they do fit with a bit of stretching.

    That is my favorite mitten in Selbuvotter. I like yours quite a bit. Is it the colors that you aren't sure of or the shininess?

  6. I think the mitten look great!

    My two cents on the bookmark sock... the only person you need to impress is you.

  7. I love the mitten. And the sock could be stuffed and hung by your knitting supplies as a piece of art work. Really, it's fantastic! The shawl is to die for. I'm in the MysteryStole3 project & it's my very first lace. Eek! But coming along nicely [saying this as my right eyelid twitches] ... I must blog about all the WIPs I've got on the needles right now.

  8. I love the new mitten pattern. I think it looks really amazing. And there's nothing wrong with going outside your comfort zone for the fair, and not wearing the bookmark sock again if you don't want to. I often knit things just because they're pretty (shawl, case in point), and it's okay if I don't wear them.

    I'm going to post a pic of your gorgeous red shawl! It's coming along amazingly. You're getting a lot of knitting done!

  9. That mitten is gorgeous! Fantastic job.

  10. I saw your shawl at Carrie's. Beautiful work!!
    I love the rich bright colors you use. =)

  11. Is it too late to turn the socks into mittens? Or maybe you can use the socks as a "swatch" to create a mitten pattern. If using the item is important to you, then mittens don't see the same abuse that socks do but are similar in construction.

  12. I know this is an old post, but I just have to comment on getting out of your comfort zone. It's good for you. It makes you grow. Go far enough out of the comfort zone and you, too, might self-publish a book about obscure Norwegian knitting traditions.

    (ps, they look fine at this point. I'll keep reading to see how they turn out. Love the new initials and date - that's how traditions are kept relevant.)