Sunday, July 08, 2007

This Changes Everything!

I've had some kind inquiries after the Bookmark socks and as I was walking this evening I was trying to decide if they are worth the trouble. I think that one I could face, it's having to do it the second time that's wearing me down! Regardless, I decided that I'd best look at the prize book from the Western Fair to see how long I had before I had to make my entry.

First I checked the categories.

KNITTING (hand knitted unless stated otherwise)
(1st($20) and 2nd($10) place winners in sections 13, 14, & 20 will receive a Lens Mill Store Gift Certificate, 360
Exeter Rd., London, ON.
Section & Description
12. Knitted Garment, adult sweater or vest.
13. Knitted afghan, yarn,
14. Knitted bag or purse
15. Knitted set, infant
16. Knitted Garment, child 2-6x size key hole scarf
17. Knitted Garment child 8-14 size funky hat
18. Knitted any article
19. Knitted article - Funky mittens
20. Doll Clothes - Knitted.

Do you see that?! No funky socks in sight! Dagnabit!

And what about category 19? Funky mittens? Really. Where the heck was that category last year!

The future looks bleak for the Bookmark socks. I wonder if I can knit the panel into a purse, or something.....

Think. Think, think, THINK!


  1. Dude, you've already put at leat 20 bucks worth of work on those (incredible) socks. Seems like a lot of effort. Not that you shouldn't finish them, but perhaps not for the fair...

  2. Can you use what's already done as a panel for the back of the hand in Funky Mittens?

  3. I think I see what you're saying - you're eyeing category 18 - specifically an article that doesn't come in pairs? Purse, ipod cover, cellphone cover.... purse... my imagination seems to have deserted me. There must be something.

  4. Ruth said it. I was going to suggest something like that too. A second one, especially if you don't know why you are knitting them, will burn you out or drag on forever.

  5. Can you submit the fish mittens, or does the item have to have been knit this year?

    Perhaps you could turn the sock into a funky hat? Or, like Dave's idea, at least use the intarsia panel on a funky hat or on a bag or purse?

  6. Laurie, you're a trendsetter. If you knit those funky socks and put them in the fair, there'll be a category for that next year! They're just not thinking as progressively as you.

    I loved the Pooh Bear image I got when you wrote, "Think, think think THINK" heehee

  7. Good lord, those prizes are chintzy. You deserve better, but you knew that. A purse panel sounds cool to me!