Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Obsession is Normal

Another project is off the needles!

Pattern: Austrian Diamond Socks, Knitter's, Fall 2006
Yarn: Scheepjes
Needles: 2.25mm
Modifications: diamond toes

I just had a thing on for these socks. I HAD to finish them. I needed it. I don't understand it, but it's done. It's seems that I have knit a lovely Christmas present because they don't fit me. Jim is my foot model in these shots, and they fit him tightly.

Some days I feel like I could just knit socks the rest of my days. Some days it seems like that's all I knit.

This represents my sock knitting effort since April. That's eight pairs in four months. And you know, I'm itching to cast on another pair.

But no, there are other needles that must be set free!

Bonus pic: sock salad!


  1. They look great on him. In fact, they just look great. You're on a roll!

  2. These are lovely - 6 pairs is awesome! I am trying to knit a pair a month. :0)

  3. oh, i saw these on ravelry. so very pretty :-)

  4. The world is comrpised of only two types of people: Sock People, and Not Sock People.

    You are Sock People.

    I have developed a formula to calculate how many pair of socks a Sock People must have.

    s= n+1

    S is socks, and n is the number of socks you already have.

  5. No wonder you make a lot of socks. With each pair, they just keep getting more and more beautiful!

  6. They're gorgeous -- well done! I'm jealous. :-(

  7. These truly are gorgeous socks!

  8. Beautiful! Lucky recipient, whoever they are! I feel the same way about hats that you feel about socks....

  9. They are beautiful Laurie! (lucky Christmas receiver!) and I LOVE the sock salad!

  10. oh those austrian diamond socks are gorgeous! kudos! (and sorry i'm SO behind on reading blogs!)

  11. Oh what beautiful socks! We all can never have too many socks ... and that's why I'll always have some on the needles.

  12. Heehee. I know what you mean about socks. My grandmother actually said this weekend that she was tired of seeing me knit them. Ha! No socks for her =) J/K. I loved the diamond socks. Toe-up, right?