Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday the whole family went to doggie obedience class at Pets Plus school here in London. Dexter did great! The rest of us have some learning to do. After supper I took Dexter for a walk and it was very pleasant. I needed to praise his good behavior more and correct him with a gentle hand. His loose leash walking and heeling improved a hundred percent.

We were cruising through a local park and there were a few dogs barking from the fences, and running through the field. They got him distracted, and me too I guess because a big shepherd passed within 20 feet of us and he just lunged. He pulled me off my feet, but I kept my grip. I put him into a down stay until the other dog went past.

By the time we got home, I noticed how badly my hand was hurting and it started to swell. I've called Teleheath Ontario and the RN advised me that it was likely a sprain. So I'm taking Advil and using ice and trying to rest it. Typing isn't too bad, but knitting requires me to curl my hand, so that bothers me more. We took Dexter to the dog park to exercise him this morning. He does great with other dogs when he's not on the lead.

I'm sorry if you've come here for knitting content. All I have these days is dog content. But at least he's a danged cute dog!

Aw shoot. I don't know how to rotate movies.... Bear with me people.


  1. Sounds kinda like mine. She pulled me off my feed a couple weeks back and I twisted my ankle. It's still a little sensitive. Unlike yours I have no idea if mine had any training. I guess it wouldn't be so bad for both of us, but I would have to drive 40 miles for that and take my kids into the pet shop. Just imagine that happen.

  2. Here are two articles that can help with the on-lead issues that Dexter has:

    Hope they help.


  3. Dexter is lovely! He is like our dogs in the fact that when on leash, he is apprehensive of other dogs, but off leash, I think they feel they can get away, if need be. That is my theory anyway!!
    Hope the hand is better soon!

  4. ouch! so sorry about your hand . . . i hope you feel better soon

  5. Awwww, thanks for putting a movie on, so we could really see Dexter. I know it's just that moment, but he seems so calm...

  6. "But at least he's a danged cute dog!"

    I am happy to see doggie content! Dexter is very cute.