Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nothing to Show

I'm sorry, but I have no eye candy for you today. My life is full to bursting though.

Dexter's adoption is proceeding nicely. Last night I spoke with his owner, a lovely lady who has been carefully packing a doggy-care bag for him. Tonight I spoke with a BRO representative who will be giving us our home inspection tomorrow. Once we get past that, we will be looking into arranging for transportation this weekend.

As I go about my day, I feel like I have a ghost dog trailing me. My thoughts are full of what it will be like to have a dog in my life. I'm also trying to learn as much as I can so that I can make Dexter's transition a happy one.

We're trying to arrange this so quickly because Jim, the kids and I will be on summer vacation starting next week. We will have two weeks off, plus the long weekend for a total of 17 days. Of course, this means that work is just that little bit extra busy with tying up loose ends before leaving and ensuring for full coverage during my absence.

As for knitting, I've been working my shawl. I'm 2 and 1/2 repeats away from the finish. It's not much to look at though.

And lastly, I've had a brush with poison ivy! I've never had it before and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's very distracting. I've got my medication and some natural remedies, so I'm not suffering any more. But it is fascinatingly disgusting.

Aren't you glad I'm not showing any pictures?


  1. Getting a new dog is a huge life event and I'm sure there are anxiety doses is spades. And I'm guessing you're already thinking,"what could I knit for this dog"...

  2. Oh yah, poison ivy can be HORRID. I got it once and hope to never ever ever get it again. It was on my neck so I had to wear a scarf to hide it thru August. (got it weeding my garden) Watch for it to come back again next year (but not as bad). It's like it had a memory & came back in the very same place.

    Good luck with acquiring the new family member!

  3. ooh! I'm sorry I didn't take a closer look at your "spider bites". I hope you remember where you got in contact with it so you can get rid of it!

  4. Sounds like you will be "happily busy" with the new pup and the upcoming vacation! Sorry to hear about the poison ivy...that is never fun!

  5. Oh, my - poison ivy. Boy, do I hate that stuff. If you have any more issues with it, try Zanfel (over the counter, expensive, but works well). Also, Calgon Octagon soap (a bar soap in the laundry aisle).

    Have a fun vacation, and enjoy the new dog!

  6. Ewww, poison ivy! Sorry to hear that. I had it all over my face as a kid - not scarring on the surface, but mentally? Yikes.

    Good luck with your new dog! What a great time for a vacation. Have a good one!

  7. oh boy, poison ivy is just awful. i used to get really bad bouts as a kid. i hope you feel better soon!

    i cant wait to see the shawl!!