Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ahh...That's Better

Thank you everyone for the funny and thoughtful comments. You made me smile, you made me laugh, and you cured me of getting grumpy about grumpy people.

Also feeling better is my Birch Leaf Lace socks:

No more pulling!

No more puckering!

Happy foot!

I received some good suggestions on how to fix this one, but I have a good strong stubborn streak and I proceeded with my original plan. Plus, I know what I like. I'm very happy with the fit of the heel now and I like the little pointy leaf ends on my toes. Makes me feel like a dryad. I can tell that these socks will be perfect for spring.

Finally, I want to show you that I'm not the only one doing gorgeous knitting. This past week I have stumbled across (or have been push towards by helpful friends, thanks Maureen!) two examples of Oregon Cardigans done in the autumn colorway. The first is by the designer herself, found via Stranded on Fair Isle. By the way, if you like fair isle knitting, you must explore this blog. You'll be blown away. The second is a work in progress by Susan of the Rainey Sisters. What she's done with the sleeve of her cardigan is a major feat of engineering.

I know I knit well, but sometimes I feel like a rank amateur. I'm not fishing for a compliment here. It's really good to know that there are always new heights to climb, and new things to learn. It's good to have something to aspire to. This knitting thing never grows old, does it?

ETA: I've fixed the link for Stranded on Fair Isle. Thanks Vicky!


  1. Very nice sock. I love the lacey pattern.

  2. Nice job on the sock. And your vest is coming along stunningly. A feast for the eyes. :-)

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about regarding feeling like a good knitter....sometimes it just doesn't work and then we keep at it and it does! Hurrah!! I am amazed at the many new things I have learnt since blogging my knitting and surfing for answers. You sock is stunning! Marianne

  4. I'm not sure that "Stranded on Fair Isle" link is working. It gives me some sort of comments box...?

  5. What a very beautiful sock! The lacey pattern looks so great, and I love the colour of the yarn! Great work!