Sunday, March 11, 2007

Off to a Good Start

The March Break holiday started off wonderfully. I finished off the Round Trip jacket on Friday and here it is blocked.

It fits as a shrug rather than a jacket, but it is soft and comfortable. I think it is just right for this time of the year as the weather warms up.

I've decided to do the Knitting Guild of America's Master Hand Knitting program. I'd considered the program before, but it was Maia that really got me going. Friday evening, I bought myself some Cascade 220, the office supplies I need and two video games for the boys, so I should be all set to get a good start on the program during the March Break.

I also received my books in the mail last week. I would love to make a wall-sized wheel tam and I love those sheep puppets! The Nancy Bush book needs no explanation.

I found the old sock pattern books on the left at a used book store. I wanted to know how they put the color in the sock like that. It's pretty easy, they knit the socks on two needles and sewed them up! It seems like sacrilege to me, but I do love the effect of the stripes going down the foot instead of across. And for Level II of the Master's program, I'm going to have to knit an argyle sock, so there you go.

Saturday, the boys were at a friend's birthday party for the afternoon, so Jim and I went for a cruise through the Museum London and a few smaller art galleries. The sun was shining, the company was congenial and we had a really nice time. Today there is more sunshine, and I've just turned the heel on the second Birch Leaf sock. I've got a turkey breast soaking in a maple brine so that will be supper.

I think I'm going to be in knitter's heaven this week.


  1. Your Round Trip is gorgeous -- I bet it feels pretty darn good too! I have some old sock books similar to that with the patterning across the top of the foot; they sound like a LOT of work.

  2. What a beautiful sweater! It will be a perfect addition to the spring wardrobe. I have not heard of the knitting programme you speak about, but I will follow your progress with interest. Keep us informed, Please!

  3. Barb Outside Boston4:53 pm

    The jacket came out beautifully!
    And I would be very interested as to how you find that Master Hand Knitting program--I hope you keep us updated!

  4. The jacket looks awesome, great job! Sounds like you are definately going to be busy for a little while!

  5. The Round Trip does look great! I had my suspicions at the beginning, but I now see the error of my ways.

    I got my packet from TKGA yesterday and I'll get some Cascade 220 later in the week.

  6. I like your round trip jacket. I have that same argyle sock booklet! I can't remember where I got it from though and I've never made anything from it.

  7. Mmmmm, your weekend sounds like it was shaping up wonderfully! I hope you had a good time. Your books like great!

  8. Love the jacket! And how exciting about the Master Knitter thing -- will you blog your progress?

  9. Laurie,

    Where ever did you order the books from? I'm still in limbo about what to order from Chapters, mainly because I don't want to spend anything above the gc that I have. Perhaps we can chat and I can figure out what to get.

    The Round trip looks spectacular in person BTW.

  10. I just received my copy of the tams book. I can't wait to create my own. Although I'll be putting it on my head instead of the wall. ;) They would make great art. I look forward to seeing what you create for yours!

  11. I have that vintage Regent sock booklet, too! One day I'm going to knit argyle socks. One day...