Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get Ready for a Party

A seaming party, that is:

They yarn is Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy, color 815. The pattern is from The Essential Baby Book by Hayfield that I picked up in a used book store.

And here's a quick tip for those who hold the yarn in their right hands: When casting off on the wrong side row, you can easily duplicate the look of the standard cast off (k1 slip the last stitch knit over this stitch) by using the decrease cast off (p2tog, slip the new stitch back onto the left needle). The decrease on the wrong side looks exactly like the standard on the right side. No more flipping the yarn front and back to cast off on the purl side!


  1. Hey ... is that cleaver or what?! I love it. Good gosh, why don't I think of things like that? I always hated binding off on the purl side. Thanks for the tip. ;-)

  2. Great Tip Laurie! This problen has come up before, wish I'd known about this then.

    Thanks -

  3. So darn cute! That will be a lucky baby (and mommy).

  4. So cute! I must try a baby sweater with self patterning sock yarn one of these days - though my youngest baby is now 4 - might be a little big for the pattern to show.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I never would have thought of that.